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Lee Besing

Just in case Bill, Paul, or others @ SARC are interested in being involved
with BSA JOTA at national level. Please read below. I got put on their
email list due to www.SanAntonioHams.org coverage of previous years' events

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One of the action items from our meeting was to draft promotional pages for
the two key audiences: Scout Leaders and Amateur Operators. The thought was
that these two promotional pages would replace the current fact sheet. I've
made an attempt at drafting these pages, attached, that focus primarily on
engaging the two key audiences, providing brief but exciting information,
and directing them to the web for further detailed information. As we
discussed during our meeting, it was felt that promotion of the event was
the primary objective. This is the text only that would be supported by a
graphic image of the 2011 patch and some photos of Scouts involved in
amateur radio.

Note that these are both significant departures from the current fact sheet,
which I could see was trying to serve two audiences while also providing a
great deal of technical information. These rely heavily on the web page at
www.scouting.org/jota to provide the technical information and supporting
materials. I will start on that information next. I could use your JOTA
timelines to support that effort.

I welcome your edits, comments, and suggestions. I've tossed in a couple of
quotes, but hope that you can provide something more exciting. I also
welcome your thoughts on format. The current fact sheet is an 11 x 17 sheet
folded in two. These pages will be much smaller and could be an 8.5 x 11
sheet on it's own, or folded in two. Note that it will also be available
online and for that reason may better be suited to a single sheet. I will
move this into the graphic design process starting early next week. So I
need your comments by the end of this week.

Feedback welcome and needed!


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