Tour de Cure Help Needed

Lee Besing

I'll try to be at Thursday's SARC meeting in person, but my current health
problems may prevent it. Working to get better before the Tour De Cure,
cause being ill really sucks! I'll likely ask my wife, Pat, to drive me
there since I can't drive quite yet. Vertigo is the problem right now, not
life threatening.

We've now got lots of openings for SAG drivers, ham operator or just cell
phone, doesn't matter. The TdC folks just told me they are short of drivers
for the "tiny SAG's" (my phrasing) which are the 4 door Scions from
Documation. I've got one or maybe 2 of the normal 15 passenger SAG vans
still not staffed, but that will change by tomorrow. I've got a couple of
Toyota Trucks from Austin that need drivers. The TT's will be used for misc
purposes, such as picking up signs behind the routes as they close, left
over "stuff" (read that trash) that a rest stop didn't get loaded onto their
supply truck, and as temp SAG's to pick up the larger bikes.

Event May 22 - 23, starting in Austin, spend night in San Marcos (free dorm
rooms for our volunteers), and continue up to Austin on Sunday. Expect 2,000

I'm needing to nail down these assignments really quick, so I can turn them
in by Friday to TdC. No background checks, but drivers need to give me
their name, DL #, and cell phone #. Actually I need everybody's Name, cell
phone #, and ham call sign (if applicable).

I've still got some limited numbers of free dorm rooms for overnight, with
priority going to folks driving SAGs or TT's both days.

Lee Besing N5NTG

info@... or lee@...

210-771-7075 (text or voice) cell