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Tom O'Brien

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Subject: Vintage Electrical Equipment Exhibit at Trinity Saturday, May 1

Vintage Electrical Equipment Exhibit
May 1, 2010, 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Trinity University
Moody Engineering Science Building, Room MEB 305
Sponsored by IEEE Life Members Group – San Antonio

Come and see Electrical Engineering history! Life Members and others who have
unique instruments and pieces of equipment from decades past will exhibit and
discuss the equipment they used and their experiences. Items already on the
list of exhibits include:

WWII and Vietnam era military electronics
Vacuum Tubes, Vacuum capacitors, Telegraph equipment
Standard cell, laboratory test equipment
Early electronic calculators
SWTP 6809 microcomputer, punch cards
Personal (hobby) robots
Vintage 1930's era radios
Oscilloscopes and VTVMs from the 50's and 60's
Microcomputer magazines, 1930's ARRL manuals
Part catalogs and literature
The format will be informal and visitors can visit all the table top exhibits.
Exhibitors will explain how the equipment was obtained and how they were
personally involved in the use or design.

Space is available for more table-top exhibits. Do you have a piece of electrical
history in your garage or attic? A test instrument that you used, a Dumont
television set, a kit microcomputer, parts catalogs or magazines from the 60's,
50's, 40's or earlier? If so, dust it off and bring it to our Exhibit. Show off your
treasures and look at all the other items that will be there.

Certificates will be awarded for “oldest” (must be documented) and “best of
show” (selected by vote of visitors).
Anyone who would like to participate should contact Ernest Franke||
(e.franke@ieee.org) so exhibit space can be planned.

Announcement and Map attached.

Tom O'Brien
San Antonio, Texas

Tom O'Brien
San Antonio, Texas

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