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From Dr. Woolweaver:

As you are aware, S 1755 the "Amateur Radio Emergency Communications
Enhancement Act of 2009" unanimously passed the Senate December 14,
2009 and was transmitted to the House of Representatives for
consideration. S 1755 is assigned to the House Committee on Energy and
Commerce, the same committee where HR 2160 current sits with 35

Our Washington team has decided that since S 1755 has already
successfully cleared one chamber that we will now focus on this version
of the bill. The strategy decided upon is to ask all ARRL members to
contact Chairman Henry Waxman (CA-30) and Congressman Joe Barton
(TX-05) urging them to bring S 1755 up for consideration by the
Committee and forward it on to the full House for a vote. Because of
the bipartisan nature and passage of S 1755 in the Senate, we believe
this strategy offers an excellent opportunity to get this important
legislation passed.

To help with this, we again need the assistance of each of our members.
This is a slightly different tactic than the familiar request being
made to each ARRL member's home district House member. We are asking
that ARRL members contact the leadership of the House Committee on
Energy and Commerce urging them to bring up S 1755 for consideration
and passage.

We would like to keep this issue on the "front burner" of the Committee
leadership, so we are asking that ARRL members fax letters directly to
Congressmen Waxman and Barton . Their office fax numbers are:

Chairman Waxman 202-225-2525
Congressman Barton 202-225-1919

We also ask that they fax copies of their letters to our consultants in
Washington at Chwat & Co at 703-684-7594.

Members can read the Webstory at
www.arrl.org/news/stories/2010/03/10/11385/?nc=1 A copy of a sample
letter is linked from the web story. A copy is also attached to this

We are trying to generate as many letters on this as quickly as
possible, so thanks in advance for your assistance on helping expedite
this request. As always, please contact my office if I can assist you
with this project. Your efforts do make a difference!


Dan Henderson, N1ND
Regulatory Information Manager
ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio(tm)

ARRL South Texas Section
Section Manager: Lee H. Cooper, W5LHC
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