Today's "Checkout Party" at Krueger Middle School

Tom O'Brien

SARC President Lew Archer and I arrived at Krueger at about 11:30 and checked in with the front desk. Mr. Claughton was on "Lunchroom Duty", whatever that is. Sounds scary, doesn't it?

He took us over to the modular building where the stack of radio gear awaited. The gear had lots of dust but no cobwebs and probably no cooties. We started by going through the big pieces and identifying them by manufacturer, model number, and serial number. For each item, we took one or two identifying photos and noted its condition. We were able to test only a few items (power supplies and an oscilloscope). By about 2:30 we had covered all of the equipment items. We were not able to identify the RG-8 coax cables that came through the ceiling (one with blue tape and one with red tape around the end), although we ran an antenna analyzer sweep on them. We also took some outdoor photographs of details of the two towers and their installed antennas. Mr. Claughton checked his files and found no documentation of the radio club's equipment.

Our next step is to enter all of our notes and photographs into a report for the school. Along with that, we will attempt to find technical documentation for each piece of equipment. At tomorrow night's club meeting, I plan to give Lew a CD containing today's photographs. The documentation will be a challenge, and we will ask club members for help in obtaining it.

Our goal is to help Krueger get the station up and running by the start of the Fall semester. They already have two teachers newly licensed (last Saturday), and hope to have several more licensed by Fall.

I think today's Checkout Party was a success. It certainly has identified some more work that is needed.