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Please keep these freqs in mind during the upcoming contest.


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Subject: [STXARES] FYI - EMERGENCY ACTIVATION of SATERN Net For Haitian Earthquake
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Please be aware of SATERN net up and running on 75 meters.

Lee Cooper, W5LHC
Section Manager
South Texas Section
ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio™


TO:        All SATERN Operators, Southern Territory, The Salvation Army


National SATERN Director, Major Patrick McPherson - WW9E - reports that 20 meters is no longer viable for this evening.  He has asked all active SATERN Operators with HF privileges to monitor 7.265.0 MHz and 3.977.7 MHz.  SATERN Operators in the Southern Territory are in a generally excellent geographic position to hear any signals from Haiti on those frequencies - particularly on 75 meters..  

Again, normal SATERN Net protocols apply.  That is, there should be a Net Control who will be in charge of the frequency.  All transmissions should be directed to the Net Control.  Please listen for a Net Control on those frequencies.  If you do not hear a Net Control or a relay to Net Control, but do receive formal EMERGENCY or PRIORITY traffic from Haiti (e.g. traffic with a name and a telephone number or e-mail address for the addressee and the same information about the sender), please contact me at 601.421.1496 with that traffic and I will pass it on to the appropriate authorities.  But please try to work through Net Control if you can hear them or a relay to Net Control.  Passing traffic to me is a LAST RESORT.

Beginning, tomorrow, as 20 meters opens up, you should again monitor the 20 meter frequency of 14.265 MHz whenever possible.  

Please keep the people of Haiti and our Salvation Army personnel and other disaster relief personnel already in that country in your prayers.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

WmH Feist3
Divisional Emergency Disaster Services Director
Divisional SATERN Coordinator
Alabama - Louisiana - Mississippi Division
Territorial SATERN Coordinator




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