OT: June San Antonio Hams.org newsletter released Thursday.

Lee Besing

I released the June issue of San Antonio Hams's monthly newsletter last night. By accident, I re-sent out the May 2009 issue, and for that I apologize to those who got that issue twice. The electronic newsletter focuses on ham radio related issues, mostly about stuff affecting hams in the San Antonio, TX area. This issue dealt mostly with Field Day preparation efforts in San Antonio with our combined Field Day event, mentions the free classified ad service we offer, and a sneak preview at the most recent news blog postings about ham radio stuff.

If you didn't receive it and want to preview it anyway, here is a direct link...

If you aren't getting this newsletter, but want to be subscribed to this electronic newsletter contact me off-list direct with a request using "info@sanantoniohams.org" address.

73 de N5NTG Lee W. Besing San Antonio, Texas
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