How NOT to direct traffic...

Lee Besing

I'm sure at some time, we've all seen a person (cop or volunteer)
directing traffic and wondered where the heck they learned to do it
in such a manner we were totally confused about what they were
wanting us (the driver) to do. And we've seen some who really have
their act together so that you truly understand it without a second
thought. Back in the 80's at a REACT convention up in Indiana, we
had an Indiana State Trooper conduct a class on how to, and how not
to, direct traffic. When he did the "how not to" portion, he turned
on a boom-box and started break dancing (or the equivalent from back
then). Then he did it properly, showing the folks in the seminar
how to make eye contact one lane / direction at a time, get their
attention and get them stopped, work your way all four directions,
using the lights if possible to assist, and keep your eyes moving
because some joker isn't going to notice the stopped traffic and try
to go around.

Of course, he also said don't direct traffic if you can get the
drivers to move out of harms way, which I believe is also the law /
rule down here in Texas as well. If you are doing this without
being under the direction of a law enforcement agency / officer, you
could be in a world of hurts if someone has a wreck and blames your
attempt at traffic direction as the cause.

Anyway... I was sent this link to a video about a copy up
in Rhode Island directing traffic. Perhaps they get trained
differently up there than they do down here in Texas.... this is an
example of how "not to do it"...

Dancing Traffic Cop
This cop has moves! Rhode Island traffic cop Tony Lepore gets down
and funky directing motorists. Question is; does anyone understand
his hand gestures?

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