Field Day Setup Crew

Shane O'Neal <shane@...>

If you are planning to help out from 8am to 1pm on Saturday, June 27th as
part of the setup crew, or on Sunday, June 28th from 10:30am until
whenever we finish as part of the teardown crew, please send an email to indicating your intention to do so. Those who already
received an email from me today saying they were on the list do not need to
resubmit this info.

The duties will include, but not be limited to:

- Stringing up antennas
- Running extension cords
- Setting up tables and chairs
- Carrying stuff
- Cleaning up stuff

The setup and teardown crews will receive:

- Lunch, provided by Chuck W5API and myself
- Sodas and Bottled Water
- My extreme gratitude

We need to try to get an accurate headcount for these crews, so we will know
how many mouths to feed. If you plan to show up early for Field Day just to
observe or to setup your own station (Station Captains), that is fine too,
but only those who identify themselves to me in advance and show up at the
designated hour to help setup the site will get lunch.

Shane NS5D