[pr:9765] Need PR help real soon

Paul Guido

From the PR reflector. Happy Holidays!

de N5IUT

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Date: Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 11:22 AM
Subject: [pr:9765] Need PR help real soon
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OK gang, we have a friend who really needs some help - and soon.

Ted Randall has been doing the radio show promoting Amateur Radio for some
time now and does a good job of it too.

But there's been a mix-up.

Earlier you got a message that he was going to record and air Christmas
greetings from hams on his shortwave station. He even has other stations
now joining in on this activity.... BUT -

The announcement said that people could call in and have their greetings
recorded until D*ec 23.*

T*hat was a mistake. The show airs on several stations THIS WEEKEND!*

So *what he needs is for hams to call in and just say a bit about
themselves and wish people seasons greetings by Friday afternoon.*


We all make "ooopses" but this is one we can help him with.

Your call now will help him out a lot.


*Allen G Pitts, W1AGP*

*Media & PR Manager*

*ARRL - the national association for Amateur Radio*

*225 Main St**. Newington CT 06111*

*(860) 594-0328*

*apitts@...* <apitts@...>

Here's the info on it....

leave a brief message about what they love about ham radio, how long they
have been in the hobby and where folks may find them on the bands.

They can mention the line of work they are in as folks around the world will
find that interesting.

They may want to give some family background if they are parents and how
many children.

An important thing is have them tell folks why they are a member of the
A.R.R.L. and what is their favorite thing about the League!

They may want to pass along the league activities that they participate in,
field day, A.R.E.S. contests or whatever is their fancy.

They can even get longwinded if they have a lot to say!

Do they have a good Christmas Story to tell? Bring it on!

We will mix a little jingle bells or silent night behind them!

This I very informal and no one needs to try to get it perfect.

If you stumble then just start over and we will edit to perfection so
nothing worry about!

We will make everyone sound great!

What is most important is, any simple goodwill message, that will go out
over the powerful shortwave transmitters, that can be heard around the world
from a individual radio amateur.

I will then be playing these greetings back on QSO on through the season,
mixed with some great Christmas Music.

After the programs air, we will post them on the website for download.

So pass this along to all clubs and individuals that you know and lets tell
the world Merry Christmas from Amateur Radio in the USA!

The phone number is 615-469-0702 feel free to wear it out!

We will be collecting greetings up and including the 23rd.

This will be some real fun!

*Allen G Pitts, W1AGP*

*Media & PR Manager*

*ARRL - the national association for Amateur Radio*

*225 Main St**. Newington CT 06111*

*(860) 594-0328*

*apitts@...* <apitts@...>