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Short fuse for hams ages 18 - 29.  Appears to be the real deal:  http://www.vk9dwx.de/
29 is not a kid, maybe I could go. 

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Young DXpeditioners on Willis Island
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The crew of VK9DWX wants to invite two young hams who have a passion for Ham
Radio, DXing and contesting to take part in the DXpedition to Willis Island in
October this year. One young ham from 6th October till 19th October and the
other one from 15th October till 28th October.

You can reside in any country in the world, you hold a valid amateur radio
license in your country, you have some experience in working pile-ups and you
are between 18 and 29.

For qualification you have to send an email to contact@vk9dwx. de which must
include an essay of 500 words minimum (in English) describing how you got
started in ham radio, who your Elmer was and why you should be selected for this
DXpedition opportunity. Please include also you full name, callsign and home

The VK9DWX crew will pay for all expenses except your flight from your home to
Cairns, Queensland, Australia.

Send us your application now to contact@vk9dwx. de. We will recieve applications
until September 15th and will make a fast decision.

We would be delighted if DX editors would publish this information as widely as
possible and DXers bring it to the attention of their clubs and fellow DXers.

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