DX exclusive for San Antonio - One Time Msg

Lee Besing

For those who are into working DX, here is an
opportunity coming up later this month to communicate with a ham in Cyprus.

Hey guys, thought I'd pass this opportunity
along to you. This guy worked the Christmas
Parade in 2007 over in Sattler, Texas, while he
was in town for a training session (he was an
instructor from the UK Royal Air Force).


At 08:06 AM 7/4/2008, Tech Div - T&E WO1 DTIO - WO1 D Griffith wrote:


Heads up for the locals – back on Cyprus from
22 July for a week. Aim to be up on 20m early
morning 0300UTC ish, probably up around 14220
or something. Once I get a clear spot I am sure
I will be ‘spotted’ – if you miss one morning –
I will return the next one around the same freq
and call cq for Texas! I may even text you my freq if that’s not cheating!!

I will listen/call for Texas – especially your
policeman friend – I have his call at home.

Qsl info is via my home call G0OAB.

Best Regards to all

David ZC4DG

73 de N5NTG Lee W. Besing San Antonio, Texas
(210)771-7075 mobile
Lee W. Besing San Antonio, TX
(210)771-7075 voice

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