SARC March 2008 Program

Paul Guido

SARC March 13th, 2008 Program

What are the HDTV specifications?

Are you going to buy a HDTV, what are the pitfalls?

When analog transmissions stop what will it mean?

Do I need an $80 HDMI cable? Will a 20 cable work as well? Do I
need Cable, Dish or other provider to get HD programming?

How is Digital over the air TV different from Analog TV?

What is the difference between the physical channel the virtual
channels in HDTV?

What is coming in the future? Eleven foot diagonal screens and
Quad 1080p.

What are hams doing with the Technology?

480 720 or 1080? Interlaced or Progressive scanning? Scan rate
24,25,50,60,120 Hz? Viewing angle? Contrast ratio? HDMI,
Component, S-Video and Composite Video (NTSC) ports.

Come to the program and do not get ripped by a ruthless/clueless
sales guy!

Paul Guido, N5IUT