[bexarcountyares] Bexar County ARES November Meeting on 11-6-2007

Shane O'Neal <shane@...>

One other correction here.

This Saturday's event is the Universal City Veterans Day parade (not
Windcrest). If you show up at the Windcrest PD and try to eat their donuts,
you are on your own.

We will meet in Universal City, at the Universal City Police Department, on
Universal City Blvd, at 8:30am on Saturday morning. Talk-in on 147.180. The
event will be on 70cm Simplex. I have a few extra talkies.


On 11/7/07, davidftx <davidftx@swbell.net> wrote:

November Bexar County ARES Membership Meeting

We had a good turnout at last night's November meeting at the La Fonda
near 410 and Fredricksburg Rd. They have a nice meeting room and were very
accommodating to the 25 or so of us who were there. The following items were
on the agenda:

Passing of the torch(es):
*EC Johnny Wallace, K5POP, announced that his work situation has recently
changed drastically and he notified DEC Norm Fulkerson, AD5EF, a couple of
weeks ago, that he needed to hand the Bexar County EC job off to someone
else. Norm contacted me a few days ago about taking the EC job and I agreed
to do it. So in Norm's stead, Johnny announced that the new Bexar County
ARES Emergency Coordinator is David Freiberger, K5OLE.

Johnny has done a great job leading us through 2007 and is not going away.
He will remain an AEC working with STRAC.

I follow a series of very competent EC's who have helped shaped BexarCounty ARES into the vibrant (Joe Thompson's, W4
CTH, fitting words) organization it is today. ARES' involvement with the
new COSA EOC was first championed by Neil Martin, WA5SR, in the initial
design phase, further spec'ed by Don Perese, AC5XK, and then Johnny saw
the walls actually go up this year. I will now wear the EC hat as we move
into our dedicated space over the next 60 days. But the credit goes to
involvement of these former EC's plus Shane O'Neal, NS5D, and others who
represented Bexar County ARES during the design and construction phases.

Another important torch was passed this week. Section Emergency
Coordinator Jerry Reimer, KK5CA, announced that he was stepping down after
almost four years of guiding the Section's Emergency Communications effort.
His tenure started just after the Columbia Disaster and included Hurricanes
Katrina and Rita. Jerry helped move the Section towards adopting the
Incident Command System and was instrumental in STX being a leader in the
deployment of Winlink as the standard digital communications mode for
ARES. Like most of us who take our turn at one ARES helm or another, Jerry
remains involved in the organization as an important resource.

Ray Taylor, N5NAV, our South Texas Section Manager appointed Mike
Schwartz, KG5TL as Jerry's replacement as the Section EC. Mike has served
Ray and the Section as an Assistant Section Manager prior to his SEC
appointment Monday.

*Johnny Wallace gave a presentation regarding the status of the new EOCand our space at Brooks City Base. He and I along with Bob Rodriguez, K5
AUW, and Teri Thomas, KC5BJI, got a walk through last week before the
facility was turned over to the city this week. Johnny and I took some
pictures and he shared his at the meeting. I will put a couple of mine in
the Photos section of this newsgroup later today.

Our space is finished out and is very nice. Twelve runs of LMR 400 coax go
from our office to a very nice Polyphaser protection setup just under the
roof, then into Andrews Heliax, and terminate at the antenna platform on
the roof of the building. The outstanding projects include obtaining and
mounting antennas and the actual move from Auditorium Circle to Brooks which
should occur after Thanksgiving. We will likely do our own move and Shane is

MS 150:
*Shane gave an overview of the logistics and successes of the MS 150 Bike
to the Beach. Many San Antonio hams participated in providing critical
communications for this important event. Participating in such opportunities
are important to developing our skills as communicators and working in a
structured net environment. Volunteering for community events of this scale
and smaller directly relate to what we do during a disaster and in some ways
is better training than structured exercises.


*We had a round-table discussion regarding DStar and its role in emergency
communications. Terry Platt, K5ADF, is a up on this subject as anyone who
was at the meeting and gave some basics about this digital communications
mode which supports voice and data. At the same time on the same radio. It
is being deployed in Houston and other cities in Texas specifically for
emergency communications. DStar is Digital Smart Technology for Amateur
Radio, an Icom codec for digital communications. It or some similar
digital voice communicaitons is coming down the pike for us and has
already arrived for others.*

*Here are some upcoming activities of note.

November 11, Saturday. Shane could use a couple of more players for the
Windcrest Veterans Day Parade. Be at the Windcrest PD at 8:30 AM with a
440 MHz handie talkie or contact him at shane@ns5d.com<http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bexarcountyares/shane@ns5d.com> .

November 12, Sunday. The San Antonio Marathon. Assignments have been made
but Teri Thomas could use a couple of back ups if you are available. Call
her to volunteer.

November 14, Wednesday. Larry Eblen at the National Weather Service is
retiring. Here is a nice Austin news article about Larry and his retirement:

http://news8austin.com/content/your_news_/your_neighbors/default.asp?ArID=193491 <http://news8austin.com/content/your_news_/your_neighbors/default.asp?ArID=193491>

Amateur Radio has had no better friend and supporter than Larry Eblen over
the years. His party will be at Rudy's Bar-B-Q 15560 I-35 North in Selma at
1:00PM next Wednesday. Call 653-7839 to tell them you will join the

December 4, Tuesday. The December ARES meeting would normally be held at
the Red Cross but Shane is working with James Mendoza to get us the big tour
of the COSA EOC. This may be our only opportunity to walk through the
facility as a group because the city will not have fully moved in and locked
it down by this date. This is an amazing complex and well worth the time to
tour it. Plan on the December meeting being at Brooks City Base. We will
advise if we need to move it back to the Red Cross. Watch this newsgroup for
details either way.

January 12, Saturday. San Antonio Radio Fiesta. This is the new
incarnation of the San Antonio Radio Club's Annual Swapfest and it has
moved to The Knights of Columbus Hall, 509 Schertz Parkway, Schertz, TX
78154. ARES will have a table with information and membership solicitation.
We will need a few volunteers. This is the South Texas opportunity to pick
up that piece that is missing from your antenna or to buy a trunk full of
stuff you didn't even know that you needed. Contact J.C. Smith, N5RXS, for
Early Bird tickets.

I want to thank Norm and the South Texas leadership for my appointment.
More importantly I want to thank each of you for being supportive of BexarCounty ARES and I hope I am able to serve the organization as well as each
of your have served our mission.


David, K5OLE

H 210-408-1564 C 210-710-8721 davidftx@swbell.net