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FYI to all,
Jeff please add this to your newsletter.. .

Good news ! Austin Summerfest, August 3rd and 4th at the Wyndham Garden Hotel
--WILL-- have an outdoor Tailgating area similiar to previous years (25+
parking spaces). It will be in the South East section of the Hotel parking lot where
there are a few trees. The tailgate area will open at 7AM Saturday morning. If
you bring a loaded trailer, please park the tow vehicle elsewhere to conserve
space for other tailgaters, your buddies will appreciate it.
We are still concerned about total parking spaces available at the hotel but
have received approval from Home Depot to use their parking lot for overflow
parking. There will be a free shuttle bus between the Home Depot parking lot and
the Hotel.
Please help spread the word to other potential tailgaters ......and especially
buyers. We will update the Austin Summerfest web site.
73 Kees K5BCQ
Summerfest Committee - Hotel Interface

Dallas, KD4HNX

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