Field Day 2007 - one time msg update

Lee Besing

One time message update to those interested, delete if not interested in
FD. Here is link to some basic local Field Day location


Here is a summary of this weekend's activities in the rain....
* AARO holding their field day in usual location at the pavilion by the
running track at UTHSC. Enter thru the same guard gate you used for AARO
meetings, but turn left immediately and follow the perimeter road around
until you see all the activities and antennas.
* SARC holding their field day at the usual location in front of
Shavanoe City Hall on NW Military Drive. BBQ will be catered around 6pm to
those present for a count around 5:15pm.
* KARS (Kendall County) holding their field at the usual location,
Kendall County Fairgrounds on Hwy 46, but there is a "twist" this
year. Apparently there is another "paid" activity on-going this weekend at
the fairgrounds with a ticket price of $20/person at the gate. So unless
you have KARS ham club ID, or call on their 146.64 repeater to have someone
come escort you onto the property, you either pay $20 to get in, or you
don't get in.
* GVARC holding their field day at the usual location at the Comal
County Fairgrounds in New Braunfels
* ROOST holding their field day at the usual location down in Karnes
There had been rumors of some other area clubs holding their own FD events,
but so far nobody has provided any details to me other than the above

73 de N5NTG Lee W. Besing San Antonio, Texas
(210)771-7075 mobile