VE session success -- Thanks and Congratulations

Pat Knight AD5BR <ad5br@...>

Yesterday, February 14, the San Antonio Radio Club sponsored a VE
session at Broadway National Bank. Many thanks go to Paul Guido and
David Freiberger for all their help preparing for the event. We had 28
pre-registered candidates, and wanted to be prepared for an unknown
number of walk-ins. (It turns out that our 4 no-shows balanced our 4

Congratulations go to 3 new Technicians, 18 new Generals, and 4 new
Extras. 25 of 28 candidates were successful in earning new licenses or
upgrades. Of the 18 Generals, 6 were paperwork upgrades (one of whom
wound up with the Green Team). We had one person who went from zero to
Extra, and four more new hams.

We appreciate the Broadway National Bank allowing us the use of their
facilities, and Paul Guido for arranging our use of the bank. Paul did
all sorts of things to help us be ready for a crowd, including making
signs, doing web updates, and making behind-the-scenes arrangements.
David Freiberger did many things including transporting extra tables
and chairs, getting a small printer/copier, and preparing hand-out
materials. We gained some new members at the session, but David will
need to share that count.

We invited all test candidates to join us at KCOMM to use the club
station. Lee N5NTG and Bob W2IK were there to help. David K5OLE made
sure the station was ready ahead of time. Thanks to you three, and
thanks to everyone who was at KCOMM to make the newly licensed or
upgrades hams feel welcome.

The following VEs and non-VE volunteers made the VE session possible.
Although each of them has received separate thanks, be sure to thank
the following volunteers for helping with the successful session.

David Freiberger - Money Guy (registration table)
Charlie Land KC5NKK - directed candidates where to go
Lew Archer KD5MSW - many support tasks, wherever he was needed
John Goates (AD5BR's son) - Elevator Guy


Upgrade Team
Bob Hejl W2IK
Richard Schuh AE5RS
Norm Fulkerson AD5EF

Blue Team
Jim Wells W5CPA
David Espinoza W5QS
Benny Martinez NU5P
Bill Reichert WE5ET

Yellow Team
Bruce Parkes KA2ZGW
Pat Willingham KA5RIO
Gil Mathis AA5XH
Shane O'Neal NS5D

Green Team
Charlie Brown N9RU
Carol Brown N5CMB
Bill Heberling WD5EDR

Facilitators/Backup VEs
Paul Guido N5IUT
Pat Knight AD5BR

Redirecting those who showed up at Covenant
Lee Besing N5NTG

Thanks go to all of you!


Louis Upton

Special Thanks for all that made the testing available. In passing both the Element 2 and 3 test, and a new member of SARC, I am looking forward to getting on the air.

Thanks again,

Louis Upton

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Pat Knight AD5BR <ad5br@...>

Well, it was February 24, but thanks and congratulations still apply. :)

Yesterday, February 14, the San Antonio Radio Club sponsored a VE
session at Broadway National Bank...

Paul Guido

Pictures posted on web site from the VE Session.

Paul, N5IUT

Paul Guido


Finished updating the VE Session report and added captions on top of every

Added March Program information to the Website homepage.


Paul Guido, N5IUT