Need Mosley RV-4C Vertical Antenna Information

davidftx <davidftx@...>

I am trying to help Floyd, KE5HBF, put up a Mosley RV-4C vertical
antenna that he bought at SwapFest. All of the information on the
Mosley website indicates that this antenna wants to be mounted on a
2 inch mast. What's missing is the base mount. The guy who sold it
to him apparently had it mounted on the roof. The 5/8" tubing of
this 21 foot trapped vertical was resting on a cone shaped piece of
ceramic, which may have been part of the original mount, but it
certainly wasn't all of it. This piece of ceramic is 3" long and is
about 1/2" at the top, then tapers out to about 1". The seller had
the cone mounted on a 4" x 8" piece of aluminum that was curved to
fit the peak of a roof. The antenna had rested on the small end of
the ceramic cone, but only came down about 5/8". The whole thing
had to be supported elsewhere to stay up and I suspect he guyed it
several times. It still couldn't have been very stable.

Floyd and I would like to mount this on a 2" (or other diameter)
mast, up maybe 10' to get it above his eave. Has anyone ever had
one of these Mosley verticals? I would be glad to try to fabricate
a mount but would like to start with some idea of what originally
was used. Thanks for any input.