General Class study-group

Paul Guido

Forwarded to the San Antonio Radio Club

The General Class study-group will meet from 18:45 - 19:45 each Tuesday
evening in classroom 201 at St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 11 Saint Luke's
Lane, near the Quarry (Basse/281).

This (no-cost) study-group is being facilitated by St. Luke's, in support of
their fresh-water drilling mission in Honduras.

Lectures will cover theory regarding applicable study areas involved in
obtaining the General Class license. Dr. Harry Greer (AD5WR) will lead.
The textbook will be Gordon West's book for the General license. (ISBN
0-945053-33-9) Participants need to furnish their own textbook.

Dr. Greer wants to ensure that everyone understands that St. Luke's primary
focus and purpose (regarding this class) is to support their Christian
missionary work overseas. Their secondary interest is in the emergency
communications arena.

Be advised, this isn't just a group of hams getting together to study.
These are mission driven individuals who need a General Class license to
further their work. We will be their guests. We will be at a Church. You
might even be asked to pray.

Dr. Greer encourages anyone who wants to help conduct certain classes
contact him at .

Erik F. Rabe Sr.