General Class Written Test - Study and Preparation

Paul Guido

As mentioned earlier, the FCC sent a Press Release that the code requirement
will be eliminated as a requirement for all Amateur Radio licensing. This
will be enacted around the end of January 2007. For a link to the Press
Release check here

Free General Class Written Test training resources on the web.

For a great General Class written test study manual for instructors and
students check out and click on
the General Instructor Manual or the General Student Manual links to the PDF

For a complete but concise General Class written test study guide for
students check out N8KBR's study guide at and
click on General Class License Study Guide on the left side of the page.

For practicing the test go to this is a free
site that tracks how you are doing on the test. Please give it a try.

To have a practice test emailed to you go to and
choose Email Exams on the left of the page.

Of course you can also practice the test at

If you are still having trouble with some of the subjects covered, use the
following resources:


Ham Wiki

Join and ask a question at the HamRadioHelpGroup Yahoo Group

Find a local ham club at

And finally find a local test at

Books and other information (Not free but very good)

The ARRL General Class License Manual

The Gordon West General Class Study Manual

On line instruction and software try

Study and pass. Please send this message along to anyone considering


Paul Guido, N5IUT