RSS feed

Paul Guido

A small orange RSS logo has been added to the top of every web page
on the web site. If you have a Really Simple
Syndication (RSS 2.0) reader you can point it to
feed:// to receive news and updates that have been
posted on the web site.

If you use the new Internet Explorer 7 it has a built in RSS reader
and all you would need to do is click on the orange RSS logo at the
top of any page.

It can also be used for people that use Yahoo or Google for their
home page. Just add the feed to your home
page and it will display links to the latest articles.

Not everyone will use this feed but it helps keep people informed of
updates to the web site and search engines use the information to
keep up with changes.

At the bottom of every page on the web site there are three
logo's. These can be clicked by anyone to validate the code used on
the web site conforms to standards. The standards in use are XHTML
1.0, CSS 2.0 and RSS. If anyone checks the site and a message is
displayed that the validation fails, please let me know.

If you have any questions about the RSS feed or the website please
email me at


Paul Guido, N5IUT