Emergency Communications Activities and ARRL AREC Course Reimbursement

K5OLE <davidftx@...>

At the September 14th regular SARC meeting the Emergency Communications
Committee (Charlie Land and J.C. Smith) announced a partial
reimbursement program for SARC members completing any one of the three
ARRL AREC courses. These courses may be found here:
http://www.arrl.org/cce/ <http://www.arrl.org/cce/> . Up to 10 SARC
members will be reimbursed $20.00 if they meet the following:

* Enroll in any ARRL AREC course after September 14, 2006
* Pay the entire enrollment fee to the ARRL
* Sucessfully complete that ARRL AREC course by December 31, 2006
* Are a current SARC member as of the date of enrollment
* Submit their course certificate to either J.C. Smith or Charlie
Land for validation
* Submit their claim within 30 days of completion, only one claim per
member under this program

ARRL AREC courses cost $45 dollars for any ARRL member, after
reimbursement the net cost to the member is $25. Contact Charlie or
J.C. for more information.

All SARC members are encouraged to join the Bexar County ARES
organization. To do so you must join the ARES Yahoo Group at
<http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bexarcountyares/> . Then go to the
"Database" listed on the left and select the "Contact List" database.
Click on "Add Record" to enter you basic contact information. You only
need to be a licensed radio amateur to join. By joining, you are
becoming part of the local amateur radio reponse team to numerous served
agencies. This is the database that ARES uses to call for volunteers and
there is no other list.