Re: SARC Digest, Vol 12, Issue 1

Paul Guido


I can not thank you enough for the SARC mail list service since 2002 and
your personal assistance in developing the Python morse code application.

You have been a great asset to Amateur Radio in South Texas. I hope you and
Robin find a local radio club in your area and continue to enjoy the

Take care,

Paul Guido, N5IUT

P.S. I downloaded the list achive and will post it to the web site or on the
Yahoo group next month.

1. MAILING LIST CLOSING (Christian H?ltje)


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I'm now officially closing this mailing list:

I hope everything worked well enough. :-)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



Re: Red Cross Chapters wield the forces of Ham Radio

Lee Besing

I've posted a "visual report" about the San Antonio Red Cross Ham Radio
operations on the web site. Here is the direct link

I used Shane's inventive narrative as the basis of this "visual report", so
it might sound a bit familiar to some.

73 de N5NTG Lee W. Besing San Antonio, Texas
(210)771-7075 mobile

Job Opportunity

davidftx <davidftx@...>

To The South Texas Amateur Radio Community:

I have been contacted by Mr. Jeff Quance-Fitch of Drake Research who
asked me to post the following opportunity. Mr. Quance-Fitch is looking
for the below described individual and is particularly looking for
individuals with hands on electronic experience. He felt the Amateur
Radio Community was the right place to find the person who would be a
fit for this job. I have not previously known Mr. Quance-Fitch and you
should contact him directly at <>
with any inquiries.

Engineering Technician, November 2006

Ability to work from drawings or verbal instructions with limited

E-Mail: <> (preferred)

Fax 210-509-0768

Job Description

Part time work with option for full time for repair, maintenance,
electrical wiring, equipment design. This position is in San Antonio,

Intelligent practical person needed to maintain, design, layout and wire
manufacturing equipment. This is a very hands-on position with duties
and priorities changing daily. Full time person would assist with
production. Manufacturing, military, electronic, CAD and windows office
programs and/or experience a plus.
Negotiable, based on prior experience

Re: Red Cross Chapters wield the forces of Ham Radio

Pat Knight AD5BR <ad5br@...>

Great write-up and great job!

Red Cross Chapters wield the forces of Ham Radio

Shane O'Neal NS5D <shane@...>

Dawn broke on Saturday morning at the San Antonio Chapter of the American Red Cross. Birds were chirping. Cars were passing. Life was normal on the East side. But inside "The EGG", something stirred. A presence awoke and attempted to communicate with the outside world.

"NS5D, this is KD5Y-Zed-U. Do you have the donuts?" inquired Erik Rabe KD5YZU of the Radio Operators of South Texas club (ROOST). Erik was fully clad in battle dress uniform, cigar in hand as he huddled inside his warm, hard-shelled travel ovum. "Roger, Roger..." came the sleepy reply.

But let us return to the day before, when a small group of intrepid ham warriors converged on the unsuspecting Chapter, armed with antennae, telescoping poles, coax and a determination to get on the air. Led by a brain trust consisting of senior HF afficionados Danny McCarty WA5KRP of the Alamo Area Radio Organization (AARO) and David Freiberger K5OLE of the San Antonio Radio Club (SARC), neither of whom had ever met before, the team scaled the walls of the Red Cross like some eerie techno-ninjas, unspooling coax behind them as they festooned the place with radiating elements.

A crisis of faith descended with the evening shadows upon the weary wire-heads as they realized they still didn't have an antenna that would tune up on 40 meters. Shane O'Neal NS5D, let out a surprised yelp as he keyed up the metal desk mike of his aged Yaesu and the full force of 100 watts of RF energy was directed back upon his fingertips. The vertical was not going to work after all.

Just when hope was all but lost, out of the darkness emerged a mysterious figure. Obie Weathers N5VYS of the South Texas DX and Contest Club (STDXCC) materialized from the ether as if summoned by supernatural powers, and began to offer subtle hints to the astonished crew. "Quit messing around and put up a real antenna!" he suggested in his polite but authoritative manner. The team followed suit and produced the B&W folded dipole, on loan from AARO, which they had sequestered for just such an occasion. "Will this do?" they asked meekly. "That'll do just fine." said Obie, as he secured one end and then faded back into the night.

"How did he know we needed him?" inquired Erik, still in disbelief that an uber-elmer had appeared out of thin air. "You just dial 5 from any phone" replied David, a satisfied look upon his face.

With mission accomplished, the warriors somersaulted away, leaving only a lone sentinel and his trusty Emergency Get-up and Go trailer (The EGG), to secure the premises.

"NS5D, this is KD5Y-Zed-U. Do you have the donuts?'. "Roger, Roger... I have the donuts and I'm inbound to your location." With that simple exchange, a new day began at the Red Cross chapter in San Antonio. One-by-one, hams new and old arrived and worked as one to get the coffee on, the donuts down, and the radios aglow with activity. Taking advantage of some excellent band conditions on 40 meters, they made a few casual contacts with other chapters in Texas and Louisiana before the official start of the exercise which was the purpose of their gathering.

The November 18th exercise was dubbed "The Southwest Area Amateur Radio Preparedness Exercise". It was designed by the Red Cross to get as many of their chapters in the five state service area known as SA4 engaged with the local amateur radio operators who support them. As chapters near and far checked in on 40 meters, 20 meters, Winlink and VHF, the coordinating chapter in Dallas (using the special event call sign K5D) was doubtless awed by the overwhelming show of force from the ham community. The success of the exercise was ensured within the first few minutes, as chapter after chapter came booming in with simulated emergency traffic.

Among the many call signs heard by K5D was W5SC, the venerable club call of the 87-year-old San Antonio Radio Club, which was made new again by the efforts of volunteers from clubs all over Bexar County who are collectively known as the Amateur Radio Emergency Service.

(Newsletter editors: You may reprint freely)


My personal thanks to the following stations who participated in San Antonio, and my apologies if I left anyone out:


Well done!

And a special thanks to Mac McNell of Disaster Services, who made us feel at home at the chapter.

Best Regards,
Shane NS5D
AEC, Bexar County ARES

Re: passed ARECC Level I course

davidftx <davidftx@...>

--- In, "liranchita" <w4cth@...> wrote:

I have just been notified that I have passed the subject course. I
Hi Joe: Send a copy of the Certificate or notice to either J.C. Smith or Charlie Land Email either one
of them and tell them what you have in the way documentation.
Hopefully it is something you can email. $25 will buy you your 2007
dues at the reduced rate which is now in effect ($12) with some left
over for Christmas.

5A7A on 40 Meter Right Now

davidftx <davidftx@...>

5A7A, the Libyan DXpedition is on 7.179.40 MHz simplex right now and can
be heard in South Texas. BUT, it is the Mother of All Pileups. This is
a good example of how NOT to work rare DX. But these guys will go away,
somewhat, over the next few days and will a little patience you will be
able to work Libya with 100 watts after they get tired of it. Maybe not
on 40, but on one or more other bands.

See the 5A7A website here:

Keep your DX Cluster connection on and watch for 5A7A spots. If you
have never used a DX Cluster see these articles to get started:\;

Don't have time to learn about DX Clusters right now? Then use DX
Summit here:
<> Click on "DX/Phone" or other
on the left under "DX-Spots".

passed ARECC Level I course

liranchita <w4cth@...>

I have just been notified that I have passed the subject course. I
was at the meeting in November when it was announced that the club
would reimburse half the cost of the course. I do not know who I need
to let know and what documentation they need. I will not be back in
the San Antonio area until mid January. I would prefer the
reimbursement be applied to future dues. I would appreciate someone
replying to me at or on the forum as to what I need
to do. Thanks and 73, de Joe Thompson, W4CTH

Holiday Banquet

davidftx <davidftx@...>

For several years the San Antonio Radio Club has celebrated the Holiday
Season as guests of the QCWA at their annual Christmas luncheon. This
year both the QCWA and the San Antonio Radio Club have been invited to
attend the Alamo Area Radio Organization's Holiday Awards Banquet on
Saturday, December 2nd from 6-9 pm at Grady's Bar-B-Que on Bandera.
Family members and friends are encouraged to attend also. The cost is
$8.00 per person and reservations may be made at 680-6841

I will be attending and encourage all SARC members to participate also.
If there are members who are reluctant to drive at night, please call me
at 408-1564 and we will arrange transportation.

The AARO invitation is in the Files section of this group and will be
posted on in the next 24 hours.


RSS feed

Paul Guido

A small orange RSS logo has been added to the top of every web page
on the web site. If you have a Really Simple
Syndication (RSS 2.0) reader you can point it to
feed:// to receive news and updates that have been
posted on the web site.

If you use the new Internet Explorer 7 it has a built in RSS reader
and all you would need to do is click on the orange RSS logo at the
top of any page.

It can also be used for people that use Yahoo or Google for their
home page. Just add the feed to your home
page and it will display links to the latest articles.

Not everyone will use this feed but it helps keep people informed of
updates to the web site and search engines use the information to
keep up with changes.

At the bottom of every page on the web site there are three
logo's. These can be clicked by anyone to validate the code used on
the web site conforms to standards. The standards in use are XHTML
1.0, CSS 2.0 and RSS. If anyone checks the site and a message is
displayed that the validation fails, please let me know.

If you have any questions about the RSS feed or the website please
email me at


Paul Guido, N5IUT

Omnibus Amateur Radio Report and Order Published Today

davidftx <davidftx@...>

From the ARRL Amateur Radio News. This implies that the new band
reconfigurations will be effective December 15, 2006. The full story is

Attention All Amateurs...

[10] <> FCC
"Omnibus" Amateur Radio R&O Published in Federal Register, Takes Effect
December 15 (Nov 15, 2006 [REVISED Nov 15, 2006 15:50 ET]) -- Just a
little over a month after the Federal Communications Commission released
the Report and Order (R&O) in the so-called "Omnibus" Amateur Radio
proceeding, WT Docket 04-140 (FCC 06-149) to the public, a revised
version appeared today in the Federal Register. The changes in the R&O
will take effect Friday, December 15, at 12:01 AM EST, 30 days after its
Full Story <>

San Antonio Radio Club Elects Officers for 2007

davidftx <davidftx@...>

San Antonio Radio Club Elects Officers for 2007

The regular SARC November meeting is the annual election meeting and the
2007 elections were held on November 9, 2006. Officers and Directors
were elected for the coming year:

President K5OLE David Freiberger

Vice President N5RXS J.C. Smith

Secretary KC5NKK Charles Land

Treasurer N5IUT Paul Guido

Director through 2011 AD5BR Pat Knight

Director through 2007 WE5ET Bill Reichert

Director through 2008 K5UCQ Mike Check

Sergeants at Arms KA5OHJ Royce Taylor and KD5OZM Michael Falcon

Thanks to each of these Directors and Officers for their committment to
the Club.

More details of the election may seen on the website,
<> or read in the Files Section of this Yahoo Group.
See an article entitiled San Antonio Radio Club Elects Officers for

Notice of SARC Board Meeting

davidftx <davidftx@...>

The San Antonio Radio Club Board of Directors will be available at the
Regular Membership Meeting tonight at 7:30PM at KCOMM to facilitate
any Election issues that may arise. A full Board meeting is not
anticipated. If you have issues that need to come to the Board's
attention, please bring them to any Board member for consideration at
the next full Board meeting.

Get Ready For Some Activity?

Mike Check K5UCQ

Space Weather News for Nov. 7, 2006

Solar activity is about to increase--or so it seems. An active sunspot is
hiding just behind the sun's eastern limb. For the past three days, it has
been erupting, throwing clouds of magnetized gas high above the sun's
surface where they can be seen from Earth. Some of these explosions have
also produced strong radio bursts heard in the loudspeakers of ham-radio
rigs. Soon, perhaps later today or tomorrow, the sun's rotation will turn
the sunspot toward Earth, providing a direct view of the active region. If
it is indeed a big spot, we could be in for some stormy space weather in the
days ahead.

Visit for updates and to listen to the radio sounds
of the sun.

SARC Elections Will Be Held at the November Meeting, This Thursday

davidftx <davidftx@...>

All San Antonio Radio Club Members:

This message is to remind you that the Regular November SARC meeting
will be held this Thursday, 7:30 pm, at KCOMM. November is election
month for the club and the annual elections will be held at this
meeting. Please attend if at all possible as there will be at least one
contested election. Details of the Nominating Committee's Report
are on the club's website at
<> . Procedures for the annual
election may be reviewed here:
<> ; those
procedures make provison for the proration of annual dues if they have
not been paid for 2006.

A drawing will be held for the door prize, a W2IK Desk Buddy 2 meter
antenna kit graciously donated by W2IK.

Email me with any questions at
<> .

David Freiberger


FCC to clarify rules for powerline broadband

Mike Check K5UCQ

It is my opinion someone was paid off. The reason that this is being done
is because they will then be less regulated!

Mike Check


Re: SARC 2007 Nominating Committee Report and Nov 9th Election Procedures

Paul Guido

*The Nominating Committee Report and the Election Procedures have been
posted to the web site.*
*The Election Procedures have been converted to PDF Format and posted here
on the Yahoo Group and on the web site.*
*Paul Guido, N5IUT*

SARC 2007 Nominating Committee Report and Nov 9th Election Procedures

davidftx <davidftx@...>

San Antonio Radio Club
Election Procedures
November 9, 2006

These procedures have been developed to ensure that the annual
Officers and Directors elections of the San Antonio Radio Club are
conducted fairly, efficiently, and in accordance with the Club's
Constitution and Bylaws.

For the November 9, 2006 election of the 2007 Officers and
Directors, a Nominating Committee was appointed by the President on
September 26, 2006. That committee consists of J.C. Smith, N5RXS,
Charlie Land, KC5NKK, and Mike Check, K5UCQ. The committee reported
back, prior to October 25, 2006 as required by the Bylaws, to the
President with a slate of Officers and Directors who are qualified
and willing to serve in those various positions. That report
resulted in the Nominating Committee's Recommended Nominations which
has been circulated prior to start of tonight's meeting. These
nominations have been posted publicly on the W5SC Yahoo Group and
the W5SC Webpage.

Appointed as Tellers for any contested elections are
__________tba___________ and __________tba________.

The President will read the Committee's nomination for each and then
take additional nominations from the floor. To be elected to any
Office or Board position the candidate must be a member in good
standing in the San Antonio Radio Club. Any disputes regarding the
standing of a candidate will be determined instantly by the Board,
if a quorum is present. If a quorum of the Board is not present,
the standing of any candidate will be decided by the Chairman of the
Board or his delegate.

If there is an office in which there is only one nomination, and
therefore no contest, the president will call for a motion to accept
the nomination by acclimation.

No member may hold more than one position which sits on the Board of
Directors. The Constitution requires that the Board of Directors be
populated by ten separate Directors. If a candidate, who holds a
Board office that extends into 2007, is elected to another Board
position, that member must resign his prior office upon being
elected to the new office. In accordance with the Club's
Constitution the Chairman of the Board, or his delegate, will
appoint a replacement to serve until the 2007 election.


A. President-David Freiberger K5OLE
B. Vice President-J.C. Smith N5RXS
C. Secretary-Charlie Land KC5NKK
D. Treasurer-Diana Taylor KD5SXI or Paul Guido N5IUT
E. Sergeant-at-Arms-None
F. Director through 2011-Pat Knight AD5BR
G. Any Directorships vacated
a. Director through 2008 (currently a Chair appointment) Mike
Check K5UCQ
b. Director through 2007 (currently a Chair appointment) Paul
Guido N5IUT

Election Procedures

A. The President will call for the annual election.
B. The Nominating Committee will read the names of the members
C. Nominations will be taken from the floor from any member in
good standing for the nomination of any member in good standing who
has indicated to the nominator that he or she is willing to serve in
the position. It is not required that any nominee be present for
the election.
D. If there is a contested election:
a. Each candidate or his representative will be given an
opportunity, not to exceed three minutes, to address the membership.
b. The appointed Tellers will provide balloting material to
each member in good standing. Non members are welcome at any
meeting but are not permitted to vote. Membership issues will be
researched by the Treasurer and a decision will be rendered by the
Board or the Chairman as above. Any person who has paid dues for
2006 prior to the commencement of elections, and who is otherwise
eligible for membership pursuant to the bylaws, may vote in the
c. Ballots are secret. The Tellers will count the ballots
immediately and announce the winner. Actual tallies will be
announced only if requested from the floor. The President will then
declare the winner.

Election Issues

Membership-The San Antonio Radio Club requires only that a member be
interested in ham radio, make an application to the Treasurer, and
pay current dues. Only an FCC licensed amateur may hold elected
office, but any member may participate in Club activities and vote.
Guests are always welcome at Club meetings and activities. Guests
are never pressured to join the club, but guests may not vote.

Rarely does the issue arise concerning the payment of current dues.
If a member, either as a candidate or an elector, claims to have
paid the proper dues but no supporting Club record is available, at
that moment, supporting the claim; then that member should pay the
pro rated 2006 dues instantly in order to continue participating in
the election. Prorated 2006 dues are $3.75 during the last quarter
of the year. That member may submit documentation later to the
Treasurer supporting the claim. The Treasurer will then reimburse
the member the second dues payment if sufficient documentation is

Nominations and elections are addressed in the San Antonio Radio
Club Constitution and Bylaws. These procedures were designed to
implement the requirements of those instruments. At the end of the
Election the President will announce the list of the newly elected
Officers and Directors for the coming year.

Last Call for Candidates to the Nominating Committee


The SARC Nominating Committee will finalize their recommendations for the November 9th Officer and Directors election in very short order. If you want to be considered, or know someone who should be considered, please send an email to,, or immediately.

Of course, nominations may be made from the floor on during the election meeting.


Re: SARC/AARO JOTA Outing a Success!!

Lee Besing

I've used a couple of the posted photos from the group, plus David's report
below, as the basis of a news story on Thanks!

At 02:20 PM 10/22/2006, you wrote:

The joint efforts of the San Antonio Radio Club and the Alamo Area Radio
Organization led to a very successful 2006 Jamboree On The Air at
McGimsey Scout Camp this past Saturday. Three HF stations and two VHF
stations were set up using several verticals, an inverted V, a 2 meter
loop, and a Hamstick dipole antenna.

W2IK demostrated his completely self contained HF/VHF station which
included numerous antennas of his own design.

N5IUT led 12 scouts, from two different troops, through the necessary
steps to complete their Radio Merit Badges. Many more Scouts
participated in the day's radio activities.

Members of both clubs served as Control Operators while the Scouts
talked to other Scouts on HF.

Pictures of the JOTA activities have been posted to the PHOTOS section
of this Yahoo Group.

Thanks to all who participated.
73 de N5NTG Lee W. Besing San Antonio, Texas
(210)771-7075 mobile

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