ECRV 4707 supports the Red Cross during Texas Floods

Paul Guido

I posted a short article and lots of pictures or the Red Cross -
Emergency Communications Response Vehicle on the San Antonio Radio Club
web site. There is a link to the article from the home page at

For ECRV article, if you click on a picture you will get the full image
that the camera recorded.


Paul, N5IUT Updated for July

Paul Guido

Added information for:

July's program - Getting Started With PSK 31 by Lee Shaw, KC5MC.

The 41st Central States VHF Society Conference San Antonio from July 26
through 29, 2007.

Austin Summerfest 2007! August 3rd and 4th 2007 at the Wyndham Garden
Hotel and Conference Center

The 2007 Global Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Conference GAREC-
07) is scheduled for Thursday and Friday, August 16-17 in Huntsville,

Paul, N5IUT

SARC Meeting Thursday, July 12th 7:00PM on PSK 31 at KCOMM

davidftx <davidftx@...>

July's program will be Getting Started With PSK 31 by Lee Shaw, KC5MC.
Lee will have a a PSK 31 station set up and running. PSK 31 is great
way to get started with digital. For a sneak preview of PSK 31 see: <>

We will also discuss Field Day Results and getting ready for JOTA in

Just in time for Austin Summerfest - Scrolling LED

Lee Besing

Remember those scrolling LED name badges that folks wanted
$30-$50 for at Ham Comm a few years back? I just received an
email special today from Computer Geeks,,
where they have the red LED version on sale for $5.99 (regular
$8.99) and the blue LED version for $11.99 (regular price).

Blue LED part number is BL-LED-NAME-CARD
Red LED part number is LED-NAME-CARD

I'm not trying to sell these items, nor promoting this vendor per se.
I have no financial interest in this company, although I have purchased
from them in the past and will again in the future.

Here is the direct link, you may have to copy/paste because it
may be broken into 2 or more lines in this message.

73 de N5NTG Lee W. Besing San Antonio, Texas
(210)771-7075 mobile

Ham radio news is as close as your cell phone

Mike Check K5UCQ

I was able to get my "fix" on vacation. I thought I'd pass this on to those
that weren't aware of it.


Ham radio news is as close as your cell phone: With many major cellular
telephone calling plans largely eliminating roaming charges and offering
"free nights and weekends," ARRL Audio News dial-up Amateur Radio news
service now is more available than ever. Using your cell phone, you can
keep up with Amateur Radio news even if you're someplace where you don't
have Internet or e-mail access. Amateur Radio news is as close as your
cell phone! Have a few minutes while you're waiting for the train, bus car
pool or connecting flight too? Just call 860-594-0384 to stay informed.


Fw: [STXARES] Summerfest News


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From: Dallas <>
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Cc: Jeff Schmidt <>
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2007 11:21:26 AM
Subject: [STXARES] Summerfest News

FYI to all,
Jeff please add this to your newsletter.. .

Good news ! Austin Summerfest, August 3rd and 4th at the Wyndham Garden Hotel
--WILL-- have an outdoor Tailgating area similiar to previous years (25+
parking spaces). It will be in the South East section of the Hotel parking lot where
there are a few trees. The tailgate area will open at 7AM Saturday morning. If
you bring a loaded trailer, please park the tow vehicle elsewhere to conserve
space for other tailgaters, your buddies will appreciate it.
We are still concerned about total parking spaces available at the hotel but
have received approval from Home Depot to use their parking lot for overflow
parking. There will be a free shuttle bus between the Home Depot parking lot and
the Hotel.
Please help spread the word to other potential tailgaters ......and especially
buyers. We will update the Austin Summerfest web site.
73 Kees K5BCQ
Summerfest Committee - Hotel Interface

Dallas, KD4HNX

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A Soldier, Sailor, Marine, or Airman did!

There are 10 types of people in this world,
those that understand binary and those that don't.

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Visit the Yahoo! Auto Green Center.

Re: Field Day 2007 Pictures and Logs posted to the web

Lee Besing

You forgot to mention the "water bill guy", Paul! Remember the guy who
showed up to pay his water bill, was asking questions about the antennas
being strung up in the park area in the middle of the parking lot, and was
asked to hold a rope for one of the dipole antennas. 15 minutes late, he
said "guys, I was just here to pay my water bill...."

At 06:21 AM 6/27/2007, you wrote:

Check out SARC Field Day at

Paul Guido, N5IUT

Lee W. Besing San Antonio, TX
(210)771-7075 voice

Now That You Got Your Feet Wet on HF, Try fthe IARU HF World Championship

davidftx <davidftx@...>

We had several new/upgraded hams at Field Day who worked HF for the
first time. Now that they have had a taste they found it to be a whole
different world from VHF/UHF and need some more of it. The next "Big
Deal" is the IARU HF World Championship July 14th and 15th UTC.

The IARU contest is different from Field Day in that the emphasis is on
contacting other ITU regions, and therefore other countries. This
contest is a great opportunity for the casual HF'er to pick up new
countries. You don't have to work the entire 24 hour period to pick up
40, 60, or 100 new countries.

Mark you calendars for July 14th and 15th. I'll remind everyone when it
gets closer and give those who have never worked a contest some


Field Day 2007 Pictures and Logs posted to the web

Paul Guido

Check out SARC Field Day at

Paul Guido, N5IUT

Re: Field Day Photos Are Now Posted on the W5SC Yahoo Group

Paul Guido

FD 2007 posted to the web site.


On 6/26/07, davidftx <> wrote:
See them in the Photos section in an album named Field Day 2007.

"Bexar County's Communication Resource Since 1919"
Yahoo! Groups Links

Field Day Photos Are Now Posted on the W5SC Yahoo Group

davidftx <davidftx@...>

See them in the Photos section in an album named Field Day 2007.

SARC Field Day was a Huge Success

davidftx <davidftx@...>

We had great weather and continous stream of guests and operators to our
Field Day location at Shavano Park City Hall.

We started no fires and only set the City Hall alarm off one time (at
about 1:00am). Any gathering is success when you don't have to call the
Fire Department and Police are only called once.

I need to comb over the log but it looks as if our claimed score will be

Totals: 47 Dig 249 Phone

We will have an article and pictures on the website in the next 24 hours
or so, please check it.

I am extremely grateful to those who helped put this effort together.
We could not have done it without you.


Field Day Continues

davidftx <davidftx@...>

Greetings from Field Day!

The weather has been kind to us by providing overcast skys and only
occassional drizzle. The only real rain we have had (so far) was right
at BBQ time. But we managed to stay dry inside the shelter and under a
tarp we strung earlier just in case that happened.

There is still time to operate. We are going strong and will be on the
air through 1:00PM Sunday. Come on out to Shanvano Park City Hall!

Tear down will beging about noon and we will need help. We can get it
knocked out in about two hours if enough help shows up. Please consider
giving us a hand.


Texas Proclamation

Paul Guido

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Date: Jun 22, 2007 10:09 PM
Subject: RE: [pr:8317] Texas Proclamation
To: Paul Guido <>

Here is the PDF

Chris Hodgdon
Kaufman County ARES, Inc.

----Original Message-----
*From:* Paul Guido []
*Sent:* Friday, June 22, 2007 9:32 PM
*Subject:* Re: [pr:8317] Texas Proclamation


Please email me a copy if you can.


Paul Guido, N5IUT
San Antonio Radio Club

On 6/22/07, Chris Hodgdon <> wrote:

I just wanted to pass this along to you. Will scan it in later.

"State of Texas
Office of the Governor

Daily, citizens across this great nation take exemplary strides for
and its future. Long valued for their role in furthering communications
across jurisdictions both large and small, amateur radio operators
to make a difference.

Amateur radio operators come from all walks of life. Whether they prefer
Morse Code, voice communications on a hand-held radio, or computer
transmitted through satellites, they all have an interest in what is
happening in the world, and they use radio to reach out.

Often seen as a time-honored pastime, amateur radio operators frequently
provide invaluable assistance in times of disaster, using their avenues
communications to support the efforts of first responders, rescuers and

At this time, I encourage all Texans to learn more about amateur radio and
support the amateur operators who have provided important services during
times of crisis. Let us, therefore, celebrate and recognize their

Therefore, I, Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, do hereby proclaim June

Amateur Radio Operator Week

in Texas and urge the appropriate recognition whereof.

In official recognition whereof, I hereby affix my signature this the 15th
day of June, 2007.

Signed, Rick Perry
Governor of Texas"

Just received the official document in the mail.

Chris Hodgdon

Southern Search & Rescue, Inc. -
Kaufman County CERT, Inc. -
Kaufman County Citizen Corps, Inc. -

EC/Safety Director - KE5IGO:
Kaufman County ARES, Inc. -

Field Day 2007 - one time msg update

Lee Besing

One time message update to those interested, delete if not interested in
FD. Here is link to some basic local Field Day location


Here is a summary of this weekend's activities in the rain....
* AARO holding their field day in usual location at the pavilion by the
running track at UTHSC. Enter thru the same guard gate you used for AARO
meetings, but turn left immediately and follow the perimeter road around
until you see all the activities and antennas.
* SARC holding their field day at the usual location in front of
Shavanoe City Hall on NW Military Drive. BBQ will be catered around 6pm to
those present for a count around 5:15pm.
* KARS (Kendall County) holding their field at the usual location,
Kendall County Fairgrounds on Hwy 46, but there is a "twist" this
year. Apparently there is another "paid" activity on-going this weekend at
the fairgrounds with a ticket price of $20/person at the gate. So unless
you have KARS ham club ID, or call on their 146.64 repeater to have someone
come escort you onto the property, you either pay $20 to get in, or you
don't get in.
* GVARC holding their field day at the usual location at the Comal
County Fairgrounds in New Braunfels
* ROOST holding their field day at the usual location down in Karnes
There had been rumors of some other area clubs holding their own FD events,
but so far nobody has provided any details to me other than the above

73 de N5NTG Lee W. Besing San Antonio, Texas
(210)771-7075 mobile

We're Ready For Field Day

davidftx <davidftx@...>

Thanks to all who spent time and energy this evening doing the
preliminary setup work. Your efforts are appreciated!

The shelter is up and ready at Shavano Park City Hall. The 40 meter and
80 meter dipoles are ready to be raised first thing in the AM.

Saturday setup help would be appreciated starting about 9:00AM when we
will get the antennas up. We will set the computers up starting about

Field Day operations start at 1:00PM! We are always looking for
operators. Stop by even if you can only stay an hour. Everyone
operates at Field Day. We will work three stations from 1:00PM Saturday
through 1:00PM Sunday.

BBQ will be at 6:00PM. Please be at the Field Day site by 5:15Pm so we
can get a good count of how much BBQ to bring in.

For details on where we are located see the SARC website at
<> .


Latest ARES E-Letter is online

Shane O'Neal <shane@...>

In This Issue:

+ The View from Flagler County
+ Colorado Hams Assist in Greensburg, Kansas Disaster
+ Emergency Communication Leads IARU Administrative Council Agenda
+ Long Time Duval County, Florida, EC Retires
+ Amateur Radio On Display During ITU Disaster Relief Conference
+ LETTERS: To RV or not to RV?
+ Connecticut ARES Has Mobile Command Unit
+ QUICK LINKS: Batteries
+ Army MARS HF E-Mail System Passes "Hurricane Test"
+ TSA Trains Amateur Radio Operators to Support Disaster Preparedness
+ Recognize Your Volunteers with a President's Volunteer Service
+ ARRL Certification and Continuing Education EmComm Course
+ K1CE For A Final

Turn Around, Don't Drown.....

davidftx <davidftx@...>

....but be sure you make it to Field Day whatever it takes to get
there!!! Saturday and Sunday are only at 20% chance of rain. We have

Field Day is this weekend. The San Antonio Radio Club will be a 3A
station at City of Shanvano Park City Hall, 900 Saddlebrook Court,
Shavano Park, TX.

Everyone is invited and everyone operates!

Early setup will be June 22nd, 2007, Friday evening with the final setup
starting at 8:00am on Saturday.

W5SC will be on the air at 1:00pm on June 23rd, 2007, Saturday through
1:00pm on Sunday, June 24th, 2007.

Everyone operates! If you are new to Field Day and/or HF operations you
need to know that we want you to operate.

Logging will be by computer. We will use N3FJP's software and
network two or more computers. Ask for a demo when you show up or go to <> and download the software
at no cost to play with it before Field Day.

Power will be from club generators.

The club will setup a portable shelter for the operating positions.
There will be fans, but this is late June in South Texas. It will be
hot. Ice chests will be available but bring water! Bring lots of water.

Bring Deep Woods Off or similar for night time operations.

A BBQ will be held Saturday evening at approximately 6:00 PM for all
members and guests. Let us know if you plan to attend so we can plan

If you have questions please call David Freiberger at 710-8721 or to <> .

7 AM 10 AM 1 PM 4 PM 7 PM Temperature / Dew Point (°F) 75 / 69

72 / 69

71 / 70

77 / 68

84 / 66

88 / 66

86 / 65

Humidity (%) 76% 87% 96% 67% 45% 38% 40% Wind (mph) 7



South 6



SE 8

ESE Conditions
Chance of Thunderstorms , Chance of Rain Showers
Chance of Thunderstorms , Chance of Rain Showers
Chance of Thunderstorms , Chance of Rain Showers
Slight Chance Thunderstorms , Slight Chance Light Rain Showers
Slight Chance Thunderstorms , Slight Chance Light Rain Showers
Slight Chance Thunderstorms , Slight Chance Light Rain Showers
Slight Chance Thunderstorms , Slight Chance Light Rain Showers
Probability of Precipitation (%) 30% 30% 30% 20% 20% 20% 20%
Cloud Cover (%) 81% 81% 71% 71% 68% 68% 71%

[Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

South Texas Section News

Don Jones

Redistributed, by Don, N5WSW Enjoy!

The month of June has a lot of things happening. I
will try to cover a
few of the happenings.

I hope no one has any problems with the heavy rains we
have been having lately. Today the north part of Texas
is having heavy flooding. Watch your TV for the latest
is these storms. Gainesville, Texas is almost
all under water according what the TV has to say.
People are being rescued from roof tops.
Most of the area seems to have about 2 feet of water.
The weather station in Ft. Worth came on 7.290 net to
see if there was any hams in the Gainesville area. No
response. I do hope that everyone made it

I have some pictures on the web for you to view. One
is the 7290 net picnic on April 28. The other 2 are
from the Hurricane Conference in Galveston showing the
ARRL booth. I understand that it was well
represented by and a lot was gained.

The month of June is the beginning of the Hurricane
season. All we can do is hope it's not to bad and
doesn't cause much damage.

We have an event coming up this month, does anyone
know what it is?

It's called Field Day. We all get to have fun seeing
how fast we can set up stations in the field and then
communicate. Don't forget to send a radiogram to your
Section Manager or SEC for an extra 100 points.

Please listen on the frequency before you transmit to
be sure you are not interfering with someone. Please
don't use 14.300. That frequency is always busy. The
main thing is to enjoy yourself and fill up on BBQ
Texas style with lots of ribs, brisket, and sausage.
Don't forget the trimmings and the sauce. Be sure to
invite a new ham so they can see how this wonderful
hobby really operates on their stomach a piece of
wire and a radio. Again enjoy.

God Bless America and our Troops

Until next month, 73.


ARRL South Texas Section
Section Manager: E. R. Taylor, N5NAV

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Field Day is This Saturday and Sunday

davidftx <davidftx@...>

We're set to be a 3A station with one digital and two SSB (or CW, bring
your key) stations.

Dinner Saturday is BBQ at 6:00PM.

See details at <> .

The forecast for Friday (setup at 6:00pm), Saturday (setup 8:00am), and
Sunday (teardown at 12:00pm) is 90-92, partly cloudy, and NO RAIN.

See you there.

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