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Gary Harmon

Located in Bulverde TX.  Contact Ron at ab5wg@....




Gary H. Harmon, Jr. - K5JWK - HAM Radio, HEATHKIT, and ATARI Archaeologist

6003 Archwood

San Antonio, TX 78239-1504

(210) 657-1549 <home>

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"Retirement = Every day is a Saturday except Sunday"

"Real radios glow in the dark"

"Too many projects, not enough time"


From: Ron Eisenbrey [mailto:ab5wg@...]
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Ron Eisenbrey  AB5WG

Radio Archaeologist

31023 Wildcat Dr.

Bulverde, TX  78163

210-722-8179 Cell



locked Just say NO! to new FCC filing fees

Bill Craft

As many of you already know, once the government has a fee it never goes away and never goes lower.
Keep ham radio free! 

You comments count. Lets swamp them with responses,


Bill Craft

It has been posted on our Facebook page & sent to newsletter editor.

locked SAY NO! to FCC FEES

Bill Craft

ARRL Urges Members to Join in Strongly Opposing FCC’s Application Fees Proposal

ARRL will file comments in firm opposition to an FCC proposal to impose a $50 fee on amateur radio license and application fees. With the November 16 comment deadline fast approaching, ARRL urges members to add their voices to ARRL’s by filing opposition comments of their own. The FCC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) MD Docket 20-270 appeared in the October 15 edition of The Federal Register and sets deadlines of November 16 to comment and November 30 to post reply comments, which are comments on comments already filed. ARRL has prepared a Guide to Filing Comments with the FCC which includes tips for preparing comments and step-by-step filing instructions. File comments on MD Docket 20-270 using the FCC’s Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS).

Under the proposal, amateur radio licensees would pay a $50 fee for each amateur radio application for new licenses, license renewals, upgrades to existing licenses, and vanity call sign requests. The FCC also has proposed a $50 fee to obtain a printed copy of a license. Excluded are applications for administrative updates, such as changes of address, and annual regulatory fees. Amateur Service licensees have been exempt from application fees for several years.

The FCC proposal is contained in a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) in MD Docket 20-270, which was adopted to implement portions of the “Repack Airwaves Yielding Better Access for Users of Modern Services Act” of 2018 — the so-called “Ray Baum’s Act.” The Act requires that the FCC switch from a Congressionally-mandated fee structure to a cost-based system of assessment. In its NPRM, the FCC proposed application fees for a broad range of services that use the FCC’s Universal Licensing System (ULS), including the Amateur Radio Service. The 2018 statute excludes the Amateur Service from annual regulatory fees, but not from application fees. The FCC proposal affects all FCC services and does not single out amateur radio.

ARRL is encouraging members to file comments that stress amateur radio’s contributions to the country and communities. ARRL’s Guide to Filing Comments includes “talking points” that may be helpful in preparing comments. These stress amateur radio’s role in volunteering communication support during disasters and emergencies, and inspiring students to pursue education and careers in engineering, radio technology, and communications.

As the FCC explained in its NPRM, Congress, through the Ray Baum’s Act, is compelling regulatory agencies such as the FCC to recover from applicants the costs involved in filing and handling applications.

In its NPRM the FCC encouraged licensees to update their own information online without charge. Many, if not most, Amateur Service applications may be handled via the largely automated Universal License Service (ULS). The Ray Baum’s Act does not exempt filing fees in the Amateur Radio Service, and the FCC stopped assessing fees for vanity call signs several years ago.

See also “FCC Proposes to Reinstate Amateur Radio Service Fees,” reported by ARRL in August, and a summary page of the proceeding at




Did the news that two of the KAISER family again won scholarships as noted in the Oct 2020 issue of QST, make into the SARC news??


locked Loaner DVD on QUEEN MARY & W6RO ham station

Bill Craft

Richard Elder has donated a DVD on the QUEEN MARY & W6RO ham station. It is an interesting 28 minute video that you can borrow. Just send a email to Jeff Boyes,ND8B  SARC Treasurer treasurer@... with your name and mailing address and he will mail it out to you. When you finish watching, Please mail back.


locked Re: Health and Wellness Net Fridays at 7 pm _New Codes

Cray / K5MUG

I also joined the meeting and entered the wait room at 7 PM to no avail. Left it up for a while and terminated around 7:30 PM.  I assumed Rosendo was busy with something else and had to forego the meeting.  Hope all is well.

Cray / K5MUG

locked Re: Health and Wellness Net Fridays at 7 pm _New Codes

Bill Craft

It wasn't canceled that I am aware of. 

locked Re: Health and Wellness Net Fridays at 7 pm _New Codes

Bob Dole, not that old guy. <redawg@...>

Tried to join this yesterday and it seems Zoom did not happen? Has this event been cancelled?

locked Re: A clearance priced book from ARRL that should be in every ham shack.

Tom O'Brien

I agree that it is a good book.  I own a copy and would not part with it.

locked A clearance priced book from ARRL that should be in every ham shack.

Bill Craft

A clearance priced book from ARRL that should be in every ham shack.
Perhaps an email out to members?
Richard Elder

locked Fund Raiser Drawing Results

Bill Craft

The Robert A. Rodriguez Scholarship fundraiser drawing was held Aug 13th, 2020 during our Club's monthly ZOOM meeting.
Giana Guzman spun the raffle drum and selected the tickets.
Raffle Drawing results
1st prize Icom IC-7610 - Harold Fleischer, AE5AS
2nd prize Icom ID-5100 A - Jim Nelson, W6TIR
3rd prize Icom ID-4100A - Paul Guido, N5IUT
4th prize Icom IC-2730A - Henry Williamson, W4HCW
Our thanks to all who purchase tickets during these trying times and helped SARC Scholarship fund a success.

locked Laugh for the day

Bill Craft

For those of you who missed the QSO online party this weekend, Don Keith was one of the presenters, who is also a writer with a sense of humor.

locked Another COVID-19 related "casualty"

Lee Besing

It is with a sad heart that I am letting everybody know that the 2020 BikeMS: Valero Ride to the River bicyling event, previously scheduled for October 3rd and 4th, has become a casualty as a result of the covid-19 crisis.

The National MS Society plans to hold a virtual event to raise funds for the national MS Society on October 17th.

Therefore there will be no need this year for ham radio volunteers to staff SAG Vehicles, rest stops, net control, or shadows for event officials.  It also means no free tshirts for you this year.

The Wildflower 100 bicycle ride normally held in April during Fiesta, had been rescheduled for November of this year, but the Fiesta Commission pulled the plug a while back on all Fiesta events.

This means that we will not be having any major bicycle rides in the San Antonio area until 2021.

There may be an opportunity with some of the larger bike teams or clubs holding events on weekends, who might welcome some extra SAG support, ect, but that would be using your personal vehicles. I have not been requested by anyone to provide such support so far this year.

If any Public Service events do pop up between now and the end of the year, like the Veterans Day Parade in Universal City on the first Saturday of the month, I will post it to SanAntoniohams.Org as soon as I find out.

Lee Besing,N5NTG
San Antonio TX

locked Health and Wellness Net Fridays at 7 pm _New Codes

Bill Craft

********Health and Wellness Net*********
Rosendo Guzman N5YBG is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 843 9273 3663 Password: 6XvfXL One tap mobile +13462487799,,84392733663#,,,,0#,,732533# US (Houston) +16699009128,,84392733663#,,,,0#,,732533# US (San Jose) Dial by your location +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston) +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose) +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma) +1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown) +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago) +1 646 558 8656 US (New York) Meeting ID: 843 9273 3663 Password: 732533 Find your local number:  

Thank you,
Rosendo Guzman, 

locked Tech Talk Wednesdays 7PM- New codes

Bill Craft

  ********Tech Talk Wednesday********  
Rosendo Guzman N5YBG is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Wednesdays @ 7pm Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 852 4356 3200 Password: 6XvfXL One tap mobile +13462487799,,85243563200#,,,,0#,,076362# US (Houston) +12532158782,,85243563200#,,,,0#,,076362# US (Tacoma) Dial by your location +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston) +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma) +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose) +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago) +1 646 558 8656 US (New York) +1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown) Meeting ID: 852 4356 3200 Password: 076362 Find your local number:  

locked ARRL Virtual HAM Expo 2020

Bill Craft

Go to to learn more - get registered by July 24th!

We are reaching out to let you know that despite the closure of many ham radio events, there is a great opportunity to join your fellow hams and us at the firstever

QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo
on Saturday and Sunday, August 8 9, 2020.
Attendance is free and registration is now open at
with early bird prize incentives for registering by July 24, 2020.
Built on a live, virtual platform used by Fortune 500 companies and major universities, this ARRLsanctioned hamfest will let you:

  • Learn from a packed line-up of 70+ world renowned ham radio speakers such as Ward Silver, N0AX, on Grounding and Bonding; Glen Johnson, W0GJ, on DXpeditions, and John Portune, W6NBC, on building slot antennas for HOA.
  • See demos of the latest ham radio equipment from the world's top equipment companies. You can ask questions and engage with Exhibitors through video, audio, or chat.
  • Share ideas and network with your fellow ham radio operators throughout the Expo.
And if you've never been to a Hamfest or Expo, you can participate from the convenience of your home or office without spending a dime on travel!

This platform simulates a full convention experience with an exhibit hall and exhibit booths staffed by live attendants, speaker auditorium, lobby, and lounges.

Go to to learn more!
Don't forget to get registered by July 24th!

We look forward to having you join us at Expo for an amazing and engaging experience.



locked HamSphere Newsletter Spring/Summer 2020:

Bill Craft

Follow the link for the HamSphere Newsletter Spring/Summer 2020:


Kelly SM7NHC

locked Re: Running cable through wall

Jim Hargrave


Underground cables has some major advantages:

Lower receiver noise

Extends cable life

Wiring hidden from neighbors



Don’t forget to install cable Pull  wire. (Twice the pipe length)


Above all…Have fun.


Jim – w5ifp-


From: [] On Behalf Of Bob Dole, not that old guy.
Sent: Tuesday, July 7, 2020 1:15 PM
Subject: Re: [W5SC] Running cable through wall



I am thinking to do something similar, but running cable underground after conduit exits the external wall. 

Thanks, Bob

locked Re: Running cable through wall

Bob Dole, not that old guy. <redawg@...>


I am thinking to do something similar, but running cable underground after conduit exits the external wall. 

Thanks, Bob

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