Re: Hi when and where is the 2015 field day going to be held in san antoino?thanks Tony

Mike Check K5UCQ



We start Friday, June 26 , at 3:30 PM at  Mini-Stor Self Storage unit.  We need to load up several pickups/vans/cars, and take the trailer to Shavano Park.  At Shavano Park we need to set up the tent, drop off tables/chairs and other supplies for Saturday.

T Mini-Stor Self Storage is at 1018 Patricia Dr, about 75 yards from the Patricia & West Avenue intersection. The driveway/entry is shared with Sterling H20 Car Wash (lime green building at 1030 Patricia Dr).


The Shavano Park Municipal Center is at 900 Saddletree Court,


The Friday effort involves facilities setup, Saturday we fill finish up required facilities and setup the operational equipment i.e. radios, antennas, computers, etc.


We must have volunteers, three or four of us can’t get it done.  Please let me know if you can assist Friday for setup, Saturday setup, and Sunday teardown.


We had low count attendance at this month’s meeting, and consequently, low sign-up for FD setup/operation/teardown.   We would really appreciate advance intentions for those able to help, it’s not good to find out we don’t have to get the job done efficiently.  It’s very tough for a minimal number of volunteers to get things done the way they should be done.   Last year it took about 8 or 10 of us about four hours or so to load up, transport, and setup at Shavano Park Friday - If only few show up for Fridays setup, it’s either not going to get done, or it will be well up into the night before we get finished.


If we do not get the facilities ready, and the stations operational, FD will not take place:  Field Day can’t happen if we do not get Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday morning setups done.


I’m recovering from a near hit lightning strike that occurred this AM (Sunday).  I HOPE to have cable internet and home phone service back up tomorrow (Monday) morning.  Am connecting through cell phone tethering at the moment and am fairly limited.  Cell phone communications is good (calls, text, and mobile email), k5mug@...  and craylester@... primary emails will be checked two or three times a day until I have verified cable internet and phone service.  So far, the decedent’s are two desktop computers, cable modem, about a half dozen wall-warts (and chargers), a couple led lights/lamps, Keurig coffee maker, and an over-the-air rooftop antenna.  Thank goodness my K3, the TS570, and other ham equipment seems to have survived without harm!   So much for the good news!


Cray Lester / K5MUG


Cell phone:  210-639-4634

Mobile email:  clestersr@...


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