Sarc Member email list?


Rowena will be out of pocket for the June Meeting setup and asked if I would sub for her to send out the notification/reminder for our June meeting.  She was instructed on access and use of the mail list initially when she took over but now just does it mechanically and doesn't remember the particular procedures/acess.

Actually, I suspect it's built/extracted from a member database, maybe in excel format, or a Word table, anyone know?

So, if anyone has access to a relatively current club group email list, I would really appreciate it you could contact me and provide access.  Really don't want to have to hand key a new list from the hard copy membership list.

I think the Yahoo page does an automatic reminder but many of our members to not access our Yahoo group so that's not a substitute.

I used to have a few emails that were sent to all SARC members and it had all addresses listed - I no longer have any of those emails to build a new distribution group email.

Please contact me via k5mug at texis dot com.  (that is texis, not texas).


Cray / K5MUG


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