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You can renew online after logging into the FCC ULS web page: 

If you are an ARRL member, you can renew thru the ARRL website - they will process it through the FCC for you, no fees other than the standard renewal fees if applicable.  Haven't do so yet, but I would guess it's probably about the same as logging into the ULS website.

If you want to mail in a renewal, a link to FCC Form 605 with the instructions is:

You can print the instructions and the form from there.  The form 605 itself is on pages 10 & 11.  I believe there is no renewal fee for standard amateur license (non-vanity) and a $16.10 fee for Vanity renewal.  You may have to search around the FCC web site to confirm that status for sure.

Cray /K5MUG


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friends i can't seem to find the renewal fee and which form to send the fcc

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