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Esmeralda V

Well it was already announced in the meeting and everything, it’s pretty much “out there.” I did notice after attending the AARO meeting last night that their Secretary’s report was MUCH less detailed than mine. I am making mine quasi transcripts (hey, why attend the meeting with the transcript is available lol), I may be take the idea from my colleague and begin to scale down.

But, don’t worry, gates are designed to keep the honest folks honest. I have gone visiting many a friends in gated communities and waited for someone to drive in and then drove in behind them. And with a homeland security and military background, I (and anybody with nefarious intent…they can be pretty ingenious) could think of a dozen other ways in, but, I won’t post those ;)


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Your other choice, vs attachments, would be to upload the minutes in a file, such as PDF, to the Yahoo group's file area, then notify the group that you have done so.

Not sure I would've included the storage gate access code in such a publicly available document. But hopefully everyone on this list is honest. Of course there's also reason why we hire security for the Radio Fiesta also. :(

Are we having fun yet?

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