Field Day, 2014!


Just a short (well, I meant it to be short when I started) but very large THANK YOU! to all who are San Antonio Radio Club.  I want to thank each and everyone who contributed to our Field Day 'operation'  this weekend.  And it's not only actual participants in this event, but all the club members who contribute by paying dues, attending our meetings, offering loads of helpful information in membership, support to other members, and contribution of encouragement, time and personal efforts that have kept this club operational and growing over the years.

I extend a special appreciation to the officers, directors, special event coordinators and volunteers, present and past.  I firmly believe the officials in any organization set the pace and attitude for that organization, and are prime instruments in the success or failure of said organization.  In my opinion, today's SARC exemplifies that premise, at the top end.

I won't go into naming each individual, but I must say a very special thank you to Rowena Archer:

Your participation and contribution to SARC can easily be linked to a phrase we joked about early in the weekend:  You certainly keep SARC in "tall cotton", for sure; a personal and pointed biggest THANK YOU of all!

I am particularly indebted to all who went out of their way to help another newbie (ME, It's my first 'real' field day), because I thoroughly enjoyed SARC field day, the opportunity to participate and learn, and the camaraderie imminently displayed during this event.  Lots of good folks and lots of fun out there this weekend.

SARC is prime, folks, SARC is prime!

Again, my thanks to all,

Cray Lester / K5MUG

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