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Lee Besing

I edited your email and have already posted it live on for you.  I plan to be sending out a newsletter over the weekend and will include it. I hit about 425+ hams with the newsletter.  


Anyone not subscribed yet, please send email to "subscribe@..." with subject "subscribe" and message with your name & call sign please.


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Forgive me, as I left out my email address.




Thank you,

Don, N5WSW

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To all radio operators,

Missing two SB 220's.

One of the SB-220's, has WA5JDU call-sign edged on the bottom plate.

Anyone, know anything about this equipment please contact me via e-mail, especial conformation of who sold-it to you.

Also, looking for ICOM 766 PRO loaded with filters and a 30S1 Collins AMP., TS-430S, TS-440s...etc.

Just want to confirm who you, purchased the equipment from and who you paid?

No Charges, will be filed on those who purchased the equipment, but ask for a signed statement of whom you purchased in from, there is an on-going investigation regarding a complete Amateur Radio Station.

Have most all serial numbers.

Thank you, all!

Don, N5WSW

Ps. Just need conformation on who you purchased it from?

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