Re: Tour de Cure Ride on Saturday, May 10th - Your Help Is Needed!

Lewis Archer

OK, put me down for a rest stop, preferably close to the start point.  I hate getting up early (before 830-900) but I'll do it this time.  Let me know where and repeater freq.

On Sun, May 4, 2014 at 8:34 PM, Lee Besing <lee@...> wrote:

Help! I still need another 4-5 SAG Drivers and some rest stop  hams.


I've had some cancelations, plus they doubled the number of SAG vans this year.


The start / finish location is again at Retama Park, IH-35 & 1604, in Selma Texas.  Event date is May 10th. This is a one day event with an expected 1,100 riders participating, depending upon weather conditions.  It will get hot. It may get wet (but we're working on that).


Last weekend, we worked the Fiesta Wildflower 100 ride with 1,200 riders and no ham support on SAG vans, only motorcycle and break point. We had one major accident requiring ambulance transportation from out in the field.   We had  riders waiting up to an hour or two to get help on the side of the road.  I never felt so frustrated and helpless about the situation that was caused by having non-hams in control of all of our SAG support vehicles.    We can't let that happen for the rides where the Hams are in charge of SAG, motorcycle and rest stop / break point  situations.  We need your help to make the rider properly safe.


·       SAG Van drivers are NOT required to submit to any background or DMV checks. They do need a copy of your driver's license and current insurance card (but the ADA's insurance will cover the usage, not yours).

·       SAG vans are being provided by (rented) Ancira Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep dealership on IH-10 west, near Huebner (IH-10 westbound access road, between Wurzbach and Huebner).

·       All fuel is paid for, no cash out of your pockets.  Free t-shirts of course.

·       SAG vans need picked up on Friday (May 9th) afternoon prior to 7pm.  All maps, signage, t-shirts, etc. will be in the van waiting for you.


Rest Stop locations are mostly along the IH-35 corridor between Retama Park (start/finish) and New Braunfels.  The longer route loops up near Smithson Valley HS and up near Canyon Lake area, but the other routes are more compact.


We are using APRS Trackers.  APRS is optional for those who don't get a provided tracker unit installed (i.e. SAGS will have trackers).  We are running on a 2 meter repeater.


The Rides start at 6:45am in 30 minute (yuck) staggered starts..  I've got the 100 mile route mostly covered, but need help with the shorter routes.


Please contact me as soon as you read this message if you want to volunteer. Please share with other hams. I'll even take non-hams for drivers at this point. 


Can you help?


More info about this ride and other upcoming events can be found here...



Lee Besing, N5NTG

210-771-7075 (cell)



Lew, W0YVY

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