Lee Besing

I spent last weekend (April 11-13) helping out with the largest 2-day
bicycle ride in Texas, the BPMS150. It's a 2 day ride with 13,000+ riders
who ride up to 177 miles total from Houston to Austin, via La Grange
(Saturday night finish line). I put together a video from clips I took,
plus photos that either my son or myself took. Most of this is about the
2nd day portion on Sunday.
This year the San Antonio area volunteers staffed 6, of the 35 SAG Vans, to
help out during last weekend's BPMS150. Five of the six were ham radio
operators. We had a couple other SAG Teams scheduled, but they unfortunately
had to drop out at the last minute for various reasons. They used linked
repeater systems (via IRLP or other methods) that tied together the
repeaters from Houston to Austin. One network for SAG and Breakpoints,
another for Medics. Plus they used MURS radios and commercial radios for
non-hams. We had shadows for almost all race officials. We used APRS and
commercial tracker systems.
We picked up our vans at CAPPS Van Rental near the SA Airport, filled up the
gas tanks at the nearby Valero, and headed to Houston after we got all of
our equipment hooked up inside. BPMS150 paid for the rental and all fuel.
We got 2 t-shirts (except for Barbara who had a smaller size that ran out of
inventory) and a bunch of free meals.
The event was extremely windy both days, but we did not get any rain until
we reached Bastrop around noon. Fortunately the forecast for nasty weather
(rain & temperature drops) did not materialize, so the riders only had to
contend with that wind (gusting up to 30+ mph).
Here are the names & call signs (if applicable) of our 6 SAG Teams.
* SAG 11 - Charlie KC5NKK & nephew Jason - REACT
* SAG 12 - Lee N5NTG & David KD5MTJ - REACT
* SAG 18 - Joe W5AUQ & grandson, Tristin - REACT
* SAG 19 - Russ K5FJR and Duane - KARS
* SAG 24 - Jeffery & Mary Anne N5MYN - SARO
* SAG 27 - Mark & Barbara Brigance - Non-Ham
Be sure to watch the video I just uploaded to YouTube.com.
Here is the direct link to my BPMS150 video now on YouTube..
<http://youtu.be/IADfkevl40w> http://youtu.be/IADfkevl40w
It's also available at http://sanantoniohams.org/blog/?p=7214
It's about 8:16 minutes long, full screen HD for the most part.
I put one typo in the headers to see if anyone was watching it! :)
We only had 3 Life Flight calls to respond to accidents, but lots of other
less life-threatening rider injuries to handle. 35 SAG vans, a dozen
roving medics plus ambulances, 150+ motorcycle safety marshals, EMT's on
bicycles, Police on bicycles, Houston PD in their patrol cars the entire
route (slightly out of their jurisdiction perhaps), 250+ ham radio
operators, thousands of other volunteers, the list goes on. I was driving
SAG 12 with my son. We were the alternate turtle out of the Rhodes Stadium
route (88 miles first day), and Lunch Turtle on Sunday. After the multiple
routes (3 sports stadium starts on Saturday, 2 routes on Sunday) merged, we
dropped back to the "Turtle Buddy" and supported the "real" turtle vehicle.
A turtle vehicle is the one following the last rider on each route so that
we know that nobody got left behind.
Joe Bruno WA5AUQ transported an injured rider to the hospital on Sunday,
after the medics on the scene couldn't get an ambulance to respond within 45
minutes. Yes, the ambulances kept busy all weekend, but we could have
probably used more of them.

Lee Besing
210-771-7075 (cell)

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