Re: J-38 key to buy or borrow?


Very interesting, Joe.  It's really neat to have the original box and source identity with the key.  I may accept your loaner offer - appreciate it if you would bring it Thursday.

My key has no such identity.  I think it came from a very large surplus batch the AF bought some time in the mid to late sixties, along with some vibroplex keys. The keys were in use 24 hours a day M-F, and as they became somewhat difficult to adjust were disassembled and dropped in 50 gal drums, to be junked as surplus by weight.  When I was first licensed, a friend rummaged thru the barrels and put together a J-38 and a Vibroplex standard for me.  So they have been with me ever since (thru a 35 year absence from ham radio).  Looks wise, my J-38 is a little rough but mid-range okay, but it works really smoothly and is definitely my favorite, but usually second in use to my much newer and faster K8RA iambic paddle.

Cray / K5MUG

On Monday, April 7, 2014 6:41 PM, Joe Bruno wrote:
I have a J-38 key with original box.  Made by Lionel Corporation.  Has File#13946 - Phila.-43.   Interesting don't you think.  I hate to lose the box but I really would not mind loaning it to you.   
The key is not really in the best of shape but will try to bring it to next meeting.  
Joe Bruno
On Apr 7, 2014 6:24 PM, <cdlsr@...> wrote:
Well, I have put myself into a corner so to speak. I loaned my J-38 key and a code oscillator to a friend who was a Navy radio operator about 60 years ago.  He is having so much pleasure with it that I do not have the heart to tell him I have need for it.
I do not use the oscillator very much but use my J-38 a lot with SKCC and FISTS activities so would like to acquire another at least temporarily. 
If you have one that is useable/serviceable you would sell, I am interested.  If you have one you would be willing to loan to me pending purchase of another, I would really appreciate it.
Cray / K5MUG

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