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Tom O'Brien

Paul, thanks for all the pix!
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What a great show! Definitely the event lived up to its name. Fiesta!
What a party!

I had a great time showing some new hams there first Amateur Radio event.
One of the hams was 11 years old, Christian KF5YFW. Kinda neat call
since many of us knew K5YFW Walt DuBose now SK. Christian bought an old
IBM Thinkbook laptop (without HD) with a power supply for $40. I gave him
(and installed) a hard drive in it. He is going to load Chromimum or Linux
on it.

Christian's father, Shawn, K5SBT had a great time as well.

I took over 45 photos that everyone can view or download from dropbox. See
the link below.

Bob Rodriguez was really surprised to receive the well deserved award from
the ARRL. JC, your a sneaky guy. See the photo below.

Please use the photos as you wish with credit to N5IUT.

73 de N5IUT

Tom O'Brien
San Antonio, Texas

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