Dorothy Thompson W7PBR in Hospice care

Lee Besing

Just received word this Friday afternoon (12/27), that W7PBR - Dorothy Thompson is in now Hospice and not expected to make it through the night!  Her husband, K5PBR - John Goff, has asked for his friends in the ham community that can to please visit, or at minimum call! 

This illness struck just in the last week and from what I have been told was not expected! 

She is at Christus Santa Rosa - St. Mary's Hospice at 5131 Medical @ Babcock!

You can e-mail Robb Wood at w7rob@..., or Lee Besing N5NTG, to get John's cellphone phone number or simply contact the Hospice and ask for Dorothy Thompson ( that is her last name on her license) John's last name is Goff!


Louis - K5STX



Lee Besing

210-771-7075 (cell)



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