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Volunteers Needed in November

·       Veterans Day Parade - November 2nd

·       Tour de Gruene - November 2nd & 3rd

·       Technician Ham Class - November 9th

·       SA Rock & Roll Marathon November 17th

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November 2nd - Veterans' Day Parade - Universal City / Pat Booker Road

We are still in need for some more hams to help the UCPD with the Veterans Day parade. Meet up at the UCPD HQ on Universal City Blvd between 8:30am and 9am for free donuts, coffee, juice, etc. (Ironic, isn't it?). Get briefed and assignments, move out to positions between 9:30-10am. Start closing Pat Booker Road shortly after 10am, parade starts at 10:30am. Over by noon. The group usually meets up at a nearby Mexican Restaurant for lunch afterwards. We'll be operating on a local 2 meter repeater, so HT use is quite acceptable. Wash your cars if you want to jump in at the end of the parade.

Call Lee N5NTG at 210-771-7075 (cell - voice/text) or send email to info@... with the subject "Parade".

November 2nd - 3rd - Tour de Gruene Bicycle Ride/Races- New Braunfels / Gruene / Canyon Lake Area

The Guadalupe Valley ARC is coordinating this years annual event as usual.   Hams are needed for positions along River Road and up thru Sattler, Fisher, Canyon Lake, etc. The big ride is Saturday morning, and that's the need for the most help.  Saturday afternoon is the time trials for individuals and Sunday morning is the time trials for teams.  It can be exciting, and it can be dangerous. They've had to call for medical in past years due to accidents during the time trials.  One year, a rider fell off one of the bridges into the river at Crossing #1, because she stopped for a photo op, but misjudged her distance when she set her foot down on the curb of the bridge. Splash!  A quick water rescue with the Comal County Sheriff's office and volunteers on scene, resulted in her being transported back to the start line somewhat warmer than she had been in the water.

Contact Mike WQ5C by sending email to pfeufferm@... with the subject "Tour de Gruene".  **CORRECTED EMAIL ADDRESS


November 9th - Technician License Ham Class Begins

Bob Rodriguez K5AUW has organized another ham class for those wishing to enter into the hobby.  The class starts on Saturday, November 9th, at the Santa Christa Rosa Hospital on Hwy 151 near Seaworld.  This is a two day class, with the second day on November 16th. Testing will be at the end of Day 2's class.

Contact Bob K5AUW by sending email to bobrod@...  with the subject "Ham Class".

November 17th - San Antonio Rock & Roll Marathon 

We are currently assigning positions along the 26 mile SA Rock & Roll Marathon route, plus the overlaid 1/2 Marathon route.  Operators get their timer clocks on Friday evening, November 15th, at the Alamo Dome.  Most positions need to be in position prior to 6am or earlier, due to road closures causing access problems. The AARO Ham Club is coordinating this event.    We're trying to increase the ham radio participation level for this event, beyond simply synchronizing the timer clocks, but that's still up in the air so far. 

Call Lee N5NTG at 210-771-7075 (cell - voice/text) or send email to info@... with the subject "Marathon".



Lee Besing, N5NTG

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