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I will keep this description and use it as a guide for listing on the nets.

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Subject: [W5SC] FS or Trade - Classic AM Transmitter "Project or Parts"
Importance: High

I picked up the following transmitter locally from a Craigslist ad thinking
it was a GK cabinet, since I needed a rear door. (Note to self, measure
twice, buy once.)

Here's what I know:

Original owner/user was W5NAV. I have an old picture of him and the

RF Deck - Modified Globe King 500, no suffix

Two variable capacitors removed and replaced with vacuum

Bandswitch removed

Tank circuit coils removed

B&W bandswitch and coil added (plastic coil spacing strips

Has original square meters and RF shield

I removed the B&W bandswitch and coil and associated

I removed the vacuum variables and associated hardware and
installed the original variables

I plugged three holes in the panel and numerous ones in
chassis and vertical chassis

4-400 in final plus other tubes

Possible other changes

Modulator Deck

Home brew and very heavy duty

RCA modulation transformer (p/n 901769-501)


Primary (5,500 ohm at 1.14KVA)

Secondary (5,500 ohm at 0.198 amps)

Two GE filament transformers (p/n unknown)

Input (115v)

Output (5.7v at 21.8 amp or 5.5v at 21.0 amp
or 5.3v at 20.2 amp)

Two 304TL tubes

Round panel meter

Other circuits

Power Supply Deck

Home brew and extra heavy duty

Electro Engineering Works plate transformer (p/n E-5707)

Input (115 or 230v)

Output (7,200 VCT, DC 430 MA/CCS 650

Two large oil filled capacitors

Large choke

Two 872A rectifier tubes

Round panel meter

Other circuits

Cabinet with rear door (not an original GK cabinet)

It has been stored inside for some time and is dirty and dusty. All is
untested. HEAVY! $300 picked up in San Antonio. Pictures are available.
Trades considered.


Gary H. Harmon, Jr. - K5JWK

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San Antonio, TX 78239-1504

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