New Ham Store in San Antonio next week?

Lee Besing

I just found out that Gary WF5Y (aka "Grumpy") is planning to open a new HAM
Radio / Surplus Electronics Parts Store in San Antonio next week! The
location is supposed to be near Cee Gee & Broadway, just outside Loop 410
near the airport. His current website is (No, I don't
get paid for this, nor do I handle his website hosting, etc.)

Also, Altex Electronics will be expanding their Ham Radio related inventory
in the near future, according to reports made to the AARO Board recently.
Full details still pending, but we heard they are increasing their stock at
their IH-35 store (in San Antonio) for coax and coax related items, and are
looking to perhaps build a vendor relation with Ham Radio suppliers /
manufacturers such as MFJ and other sources. Altex has donated $$ to the
AARO ham club in exchange for advertising in their club's newsletter. will have the newsletters when the ads start appearing.
(Actually, the newsletters from previous months are already there, even
without the ads. J ) . I don't get paid for this news either.

I'll post more details online at next week as I
scrounge them up & get the facts confirmed, instead of just rumors.

Now back to rumor central...

Lee Besing, N5NTG

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