Ham Help Needed! - Saturday November 3rd, Sunday November 11th, and more... Something for everybody!

Lee Besing

Help is needed in the next 45 days for Amateur Radio Support at 5 public
service events. Please share this invitation with your club / group / other
hams! More details will be posted soon at www.sanantoniohams.org/blog (when
I get a few extra minutes). – Lee N5NTG

The following events are fun & easy to do. Contact person for these events,
unless indicated otherwise, will be Lee Besing N5NTG – 210-771-7075,
info@... for email. Email contact is preferred, so we have a
written record of who volunteered for what event. J

· November 3rd – Saturday. Universal City Veterans Day Parade.
Probably use a UHF frequency, but that’s not a deal killer for those having
2 meter only. We’ll work around it. Hams need to report to UCPD office on
Universal City Blvd (off Pat Booker Road) around 8:30am, briefing starts at
9am. Free donuts. (Ironic, isn’t it? Go to a police department to get free
donuts…), move out on the route before 10am, start shutting down Pat Booker
upon signal via radio (put out barricades already in place, or park your car
sideways across a parking lot driveway, or put the barrier tape up,
whatever), and tell drivers they can go only toward Randolph AFB direction.
When signal given, PB is shut down totally, no traffic any direction,
usually around 10:20 or 10:25. Parade starts at 10:30am sharp, but lengthy
course down PB from UC Blvd almost to Randolph AFB will be long delays in
seeing parade. Once done, we usually go have a group lunch at a nearby
Mexican restaurant (closer to UC Blvd, on PB Road), cost is on your own.
Net Control is K5HCR – done by Lee Besing N5NTG. Repeater freq will be
shared with those who volunteered.

· November 3-4th – Saturday / Sunday. Tour de Gruene bike ride &
races from Gruene, Texas (north side of New Braunfels) up River Road thru
Sattler, and around. GVARC Ham Club coordinating this event. Saturday is a
multiple ride day, with the large family ride (longer route) starting early
in the morning, done by 2pm or so. Saturday afternoon is racing on River
Road, time trials. Sunday morning is Team Racing along River Road. Really
fast bicycle riding, known to have had accidents in the past. Hams watch for
problems and call in for support. The tour will start a 8:00am Saturday and
will go until about 1pm. There are 7 different routes this year, although
most are variations of 3 basic routes. There will be staggered starts every
10 minutes from 8:00am to 9:00am. The Individual Time Trial starts at 2pm
Saturday and will go until about 5pm. The route is different this year. The
start & finish are at Overlook Park, at the eastern end of Canyon Dam. The
10.5 mile loop includes FM 306, FM2673, and the South Access Road. The two
man time trial race on Sunday is unchanged. Riders start at 8:01am & go
every 30 seconds. They leave Gruene, ride up River Road, across 2763, and
return down 306 to Gruene. Note that Daylight Savings Time ends the morning
of the event. Volunteers usually get a t-shirt & a ticket to Wurstfest,
assuming they are available. Sometimes they run out. The URL is for more
info, including route maps, is: http://www.tourdegruene.com GVARC club will
try to organize someone to deliver lunch to stations working both events on
Saturday. but individuals will need to pay for their own lunch. Please reply
to pfeufferm@... to let me know which event(s) you can help out with,
and your t-shirt size. Contact Michael Pfeuffer WQ5C at
pfeufferm@... or 830-/660-8871 to volunteer.

· November 11th – Sunday. San Antonio Rock & Roll Marathon, downtown
SA. Probably use a 2 meter repeater, HT will cover most of the route except
southern end. We pick up the timer clocks on Friday night, 11/09 at 6pm,
behind the Alamo Dome. Move into assigned location (mile marker) before 6am
Sunday (might need to be earlier if near the front of the race course, due
to street closures). Race starts around 7:30am, won’t be over until around
2pm for those in the final 5-8 miles of the route. Hams put timer clocks at
their location(s) and wait for net control to give us the signal for the
start. Turn on the clocks, put them on their tripod mounts, and sit back to
watch the fun. Call in to the 800 # for any medical emergencies,
otherwise, we just run a loose net & enjoy the scenery. There will be a
bicycle ride / race on same route prior to the runners starting, so it’s
very important to be on your location way, way early. I also recommend
checking out the location on Saturday to be sure you can find it in the
dark. Mile markers are written on the payment with spray paint by the
curb. I’ll have exact descriptions for every mile marker / clock location.
Net Control is AA5RO – done by David Espinoza W5QS, starting as early as 5am
or so. Repeater freq will be shared with those who volunteered. We’ll get a
map posted online for assignment purposes, at www.sanantoniohams.org/blog
later this week.

· November 30/December 1st. National Skywarn Recognition Day /
Weekend. Starts 5pm Friday, November 30th, runs 24 hours until 5pm Saturday
evening. Location is the National Weather Service Offices in New Braunfels.
Limited to 3-4 operators per 2 hour shift, okay to work multiple shifts
especially if in middle of night. Free snacks & drinks available. Will use
HF, VHF/UHF, IRLP and Echolink to make contacts. Radios already setup at
the NWS, other than Echolink. We will have a list of NWS stations to
contact, and will use the station call sign WX5EWX for the event. Contact
Louis Upton K5STX at trailriding_texas@... or Lee Besing N5NTG.

· December 8th – Christmas Parade in Sattler, Texas. Need help
getting into the Christmas Spirit? Try a small town community Christmas
parade to get you started in the right mood! Hams needed to assist the
members of Hill Country REACT Team in coordinating the staging area for this
annual parade. Hams from the Hayes Caldwell Ham Club, GVARC and Travis
County REACT typically assist as well. We’ll use a 2 meter simplex, or a
UFH repeater, frequency to be provided to those who volunteered. We meet
for breakfast (if interested) at Startz Café in Startzville, and move over
to the staging area by 8am for assignments & deployment. Staging is on Old
Sattler Road, which runs parallel to the main highway thru Sattler. Parade
starts on the north end, by the feed store, runs 2+ miles south past River
Road to the de-staging area. Contact Wade Bolling, W5ERX,
w5erx@..., or w5erx@..., or Lee Besing N5NTG. Net
Control will be K5HCR, operator to be determined.

Lee Besing

Phone (210)771-7075 (cell) voice or text msg

lee@... or info@...

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