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Lee Besing

Went over to Hondo yesterday to visit with Mr. Tipton. I setup one of my HF portable antennas & tested the Kenwood TS-440S HF rig. It's a sweet radio in top condition.

The power supplies worked fine. I couldn't test an older YAESU FT-7 mobile radio, as he didn't have the power cable for it. The power cable used the old style 6 pin flat blade connector, probably 1 for 120VAC usage, and a different configuration for 12 volt DC use.

The Icom shortwave receiver appears to be working great as well.

Everything he had gotten was in pretty good shape. I did not test the antique Johnson antenna tuners, but one said "KW match box" on the front.

I didn't test, other than powering up, the Universal Communications M700 device.

He had, key word "had", a Kenwood TM-261A single band two meter mobile, in apparently an unprogrammed, pristine condition. Protective plastic still on the display, still packed in original box with mounting bracket, power cord, microphone & microphone mounting clip, & manuals, all in the box. It came home with me in lieu of my "evaluation & trip fees". :-)

I did get a free butterfly collection on the front of my van on the way back, however.

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Jim Tipton, in Hondo TX, (210) 557-6975, recently bought a 10x20 storage
room full of nice HAM gear. There is a Kenwood TS-440S, ICOM IC-R71A, MFJ
948, Universal M700 terminal, two Vibroplex keys, two classic Johnson
tuners, two Astron 35 amp metered power supplies and other stuff still to be
unboxed and listed. Some of the items are on eBay already. His eBay userid
is spike7hunter. If you live in the Hondo area, Jim said he could use some
help testing out the Johnson tuners and other items as they come out of the

I have no vested interest in this equipment. I'm just sharing the


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