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HamCom in Plano, Texas, June 8-9 was great fun and it was good to see both
old and new friends.
Hot outside, but not nearly as bad as the last two years.
Crowd did seem somewhat down from previous years, especially the outdoor
flea market.
The flea-market problem had two roots:
First, the weather was predicted to be rainy and, of course, was not.
Second, and IMHO more important: As in other places, some pointy-headed,
John Lennon-glasses local government idiot put on his "Little Napoleon" hat
and decided that the $12.87 he collected in *sales taxes* from individuals
was more important than the economic activity of hundreds of people buying
food, lodging etc. in Plano. Moron....

Anyways... there was a fair selection of boatanchors and a good amount of
interest in the WWII rig display.
Of course, my beautiful daughters, Amanda and little Annabelle helped with
that ;-) (Amber was otherwise occupied this year).

Link to HamCom 2012 boatanchor photos:


Again, please accept my humble thanks to everyone who lent a hand (and
sometimes a foot, leg and misc. eyeball) in making the display a success.

If The Almighty decides to put-up with my nonsense for another year, I'll
be doing another at HamCom 2013- also assuming the world doesn't end on 21
Dec. ;-) Will for sure include a Women's Army Service Pilot section; they
don't get the recognition they deserve, and I have a very cool WASP radio
for the centerpiece of that.
Haven't decided on the other rigs yet.
Open to suggestions.
In the "restore" queue: ATD, RAX, GF/RU, GP-7, TCS, ARA/ATA, RAT and, in
case we decide to branch into infantry, SCR-288, SCR-194, SCR-156.

Couple of tips for anyone who, like me, lacks good sense and decides to do
this: Don't print more than 100 handouts.
Most people don't take them.
Keep your signs brief and to-the-point. Some of mine were still too
"wordy." Even those who think it's "neat" won't read beyond three
sentances. You're not going to interest everyone, but you're only after
"the elite" anyway.
Have one rig with which everyone is familiar- "ARC-5" if aircraft, something
like BC-611 if Infantry. This grabs their attention and they will take the
time to look at the other rigs.
Do NOT leave things that are easily pocketed or hidden in a coat unattended.
A loose BC-611 without someone watching it will walk out the door in two
seconds flat.
Original tuning knobs on an ARC-5 receiver will magically evaporate, even
with you standing there. Don't include them.
Remember- in a hamfest with, say, 1500 attending, if only 1 percent are
crooks, that's 15 crooks running around- plenty to create some nastyness.
The little Japanese radio went home with me Friday night.

All that aside, it was a terrific time with lots of good folks, great
stories and good fellowship.
Sore feet, but worth it. See ya next year.

GL OM ES 73 DE Dave AB5S

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