San Antonio Hams - April 2012 Newsletter Emailed

Lee Besing

April 2012 SAHams Newsletter Emailed 4/3/2012
ifWe emailed out nearly 400 copies of the April 2012 San Antonio Newsletter
tonight, and then had quite a few bounces from folks who didn't update us
with their new email addresses. Oops! Of course, it has been more than 6
months since our last edition, and things change. Remember FREE
SUBSCRIPTIONS, never a charge for this! Automatic unsubscribe button on
every newsletter also!

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So if you didn't get a copy already, please send an email (with your name,
call sign & email address) to to be added to
the list. We'll send you a separate copy of the current issue, just to catch
you up to date, and then put you on the list for the next edition. Double
check your spam folder, and white list to ensure

We really will try to start putting out a newsletter once a month, with the
headlines & happenings around Central Texas. If you know of an event, or
have a story about something going on that is ham radio related, please
contact us at, or better yet, register as a user
<> on this
website, and we'll bump up your editor priv's to allow you to post your own

We've sent this particular message to multiple Ham group lists, so we
apologize in advance for those of you, like me, who are subscribers on
multiple groups. But you only get 1 copy of the actual newsletter if you
are a subscriber. J

Lee Besing N5NTG
210-771-7075 cell (voice / text)

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