Mike Check K5UCQ

Some may get this more than once, so if you have already seen it, you
can delete, discard, etc. now.

I believe that this is important enough to send to our list so that
ALL amateurs that might make a trip to the Red Cross building can be
advised so as to not unknowingly cause a problem.


Mike Check

Good morning sir:

Shane, in our manager meeting yesterday a concern was brought up by
several staff members concerning club meeting nights here. On several
occasions, the most recent last week, there have been additional
classes taking place on or around the meeting times the same night and
what seems to be happening is that some of the members are (for lack
of a better word) defiant in not using the Houston St. doors and
instead they just pound on whatever door is handy like the
Multi-purpose room or the front doors.

The building is not able to be left unlocked as it was in the past so
we have narrowed the entrances to those without card keys to the
Houston door only which is to be unlocked by the meeting leader prior
to the meeting, and then relocked no later than 30 minutes after the
meeting starts.

In the case of several meetings at the same time, there has to be
coordination of who locks the door so that all attendees from the
meetings are able to get in.

All of us value and need the radio club but a few individuals are
causing problems for the group and it needs to be addressed…….the
disruption of non radio club classes has to stop and those coming in
late (as classes do) need to call a club member to get in to the
building. Additionally when members leave, they need to leave through
the Houston doors…not the front doors or doors of their choosing……

Again I realize that the bulk of the club does what is expected but
please figure out how to disseminate the information so that everyone
does what is needed to make the meetings enjoyable for all attending….
and the club doesn’t run the risk of losing space……….I would be very
unhappy if this can’t be brought under control……

Thank you

Jack Pike | Regional Director, Disaster Services

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