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Gary Harmon

Here is info on a local HAM needing some assistance. If you are able to
assist with his missing equipment or technical help, please contact him


Gary H. Harmon, Jr. - K5JWK

6003 Archwood

San Antonio, TX 78239-1504

210.657.1549h / 210.884.6926c

"TOO many projects, NOT enough time!"

From: Forrest Plumstead [mailto:fplum1@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, July 04, 2011 6:32 PM
To: gharmon@idworld.net
Subject: Needy Ham

Hi Garry!

I am yet another needy ham. I have a Drake TR-4 and a Heathkit HW-8 which
was gifted to me by Members of the Chesapeake Amateur Radio Service (CARS
W4CAR) and Virginia Beach Amateur Radio Club (VBARC). .The Drake needs a lot
of work. More about that in a moment. The HW-8 needs a little work but
mostly getting the ant up and keeping it up. I am using a homebrew 40 M
dipole using thin gauge wire for the QRP. For the Drake I have a homebrew
G5RV which is made for QRO. When I get the Drake up and running I plan on
putting this ant up for it. The only piece of equipment I really need is an
Antenna Tuner, PWR/SWR Meter and dummy load which can handle 300 W PEP
Similar to a MFJ (I was given a matched set of NOS finals and driver).

Now back to the Drake. What I need desperately is somebody in the San
Antonio area who has a troubleshooting bench I can use and who can look over
my shoulder and make sure I keep my pinkies out of the HV line. Problems
that I have include a sticky Loading cap., Dirty contacts on the USB/LSB and
the Band Switches, minor repairs there. No Modulation and lack of RX
sensitivity on some bands (80m comes to mind), and to tune up the new finals
which is what I need a test bench for. When I get all of this worked out,
this equipment is going to have to last me for the rest of my life.

Up until recently I was working 50-60 hr/wk, but at low pay. The above
mentioned organizations in VA realized my plight. I was gifted the HW-8 as a
T&R project. I was loaned an Icom transceiver and MFJ tuner. I was given the
parts for the G5RV and one of the members came over and help me build it and
get it into the air. Two years ago I had to return to my home of San
Antonio, TX. Before I left one of the members of CARS had a Drake in his
possession which he had tried to sell for a member of VBARC which did not
sell. He talked to the owner who gifted the Drake to me. As I said I was
working overtime until, Feb of this year, when I went into the hospital for
Congestive Heart Failure, followed by a toe amputation, followed by 2
procedures one on each leg for vascular blockage, all due to diabetic
complications. I was not allowed to work at all for 4 months. I am working
now but only 2 days a week. I am waiting to hear from Social Security.

I know you are probably getting flooded with similar e-mails but like the
others I really could use the help. Please feel free to pass my e-mail
address to anybody who can help. (They could get it off the list anyway.)

TNX and 73
WB5HQO Forrest
Ham Radio WB5HQO http://forrest.3h.com/main.html
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