Re: Equipment List for Field Day 2011

J C Smith


I'm scheduled to be out of town Thursday evening.

I believe Lew has the TS 940. I think the ground rods and coax is in the trailer.

Also, I believe we have two push-up poles and two hf vertical antennas.

J C Smith

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From: Tom
Sent: Sunday, June 05, 2011 8:48 PM
Subject: [W5SC] Equipment List for Field Day 2011

I've posted an equipment list for the W5SC 2011 Field Day operation at Shavano Park.

Please review the equipment list and be prepared to help fill in the blanks (who has it, who will bring it, etc.), at the Thursday club meeting.

If you do not plan to attend the Thursday meeting, please email me ( and tell me what you have (or will bring) for the Field Day operation.

If you know of some item that should be added, let me know. Please note that there is NO FOOD OR DRINK on the equipment list - that is being handled separately.

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