Possible programs for Ham Fiesta 2012

Tom O'Brien

I was in Houston this weekend for the Houston Vintage Radio Association's annual convention, and there were some technical programs presented that would be really good for the Ham Fiesta.

1. "The Evolution of Detectors", by Dr. Bob Botto. Crystal detectors up to transistors, with some rare items you will likely not see anywhere else. Bob is very knowledgeable and explains the evolution clearly, in 28 logical steps.

2. "Making a Triode Vacuum Tube in Your Garage", by Ron Soyland. Ron cobbled together his own manufacturing line to make tubes out of Pyrex, nickel wire, copper wire, tungsten wire, and other materials. He taught himself to blow glass, and built a glass lathe along with a vacuum pump.

3. "The Eimac Story", by Tom O'Brien. Tom has a collection of Eimac glass triodes, from the earliest (1936) to the most recent (6C21), and follows the history of a very successful company built by two California hams. Some of the most important tubes will be shown, along with some other vacuum devices from Eimac.

Tom O'Brien
San Antonio, Texas

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