ARRL AREC Level 1 Course Information

K5OLE <davidftx@...>

As a follow up to the information regarding the SARC reimbursement
program, let share with those interested what I just found out.

I just enrolled in the Level 1 course at about 9:00PM on Sept 15th.
The course is open, but doesn not start until October 6th and
concludes December 1st. So NOW is the time to enroll if you want to
take advantage of the $20 reimbursement which ends December 31st.

As you go through the registration process it wants you take a little
pre course to see what the course is like. This doesn't work. J.C.
called the ARRL and they told him they don't use it any longer. Just
click the "I took the precourse" button and go on with registration.

I've been exposed to the manual for the course and those who have
taken it report that it is worthwhile.

Email J.C. or myself if you have any problems enrolling.


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