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Lew Archer <usxpop@...>

Lyndon, soends like you're off to a great start.  I'm about to go look at the site.  Keep going, you guys will make it look great.

--- On Sat, 11/20/10, lyndonwoodall <> wrote:

From: lyndonwoodall <>
Subject: [W5SC] Updates to SARC web site
Date: Saturday, November 20, 2010, 5:35 PM


Hello all,

I have been working with Lee (earlier) and Paul (just today) to make the following changes to the SARC web site:

- Update the next meeting advertisement to December 9th
- Changed the advertisement in the "meetings and nets" area at the bottom of the home page to indicate our standing schedule (i.e. second Thursday of each month)
- Updated the fiesta link to read "..2011" (on home page only since the global change I expected did not occur. Looking into that...)
- Updated the target of the fiesta link to read "..2011" but more content is needed and I would like to include a way for users to print a PDF of the registration form to allow us to start getting earlier registrations in... We should include a map, too.

J. C. - Do you have a final version of the registration form ready? The one you sent earlier is marked "DRAFT".

Cheers and LMK if questions, etc

Lyndon, N5LYF

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