Re: Proposed ordinance for San Antonio

Louis Upton

Cool, I like that one also!

Not really sure what the answer is! It all boils down to common since, which for the most part was lost somewhere many years ago.

Personally, I stay busy with family, multiple organizations, work, etc. But have never found things so busy that I needed to text message constantly while driving.

And finding that some people have gone so far as not answering the phone at all, in less you text message them first with a why you are calling them. Rediculous!!!

Long live Amateur Radio!

Off to make sure I have everything to the MS150, catch you all on the net!


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I would like to have a car automatically turn off the stereo when (1) in reverse or (2) the first minute after the engine is started. Lots of reasons, not least of which you can hear somebody screaming "Don't run over the baby".

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